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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Recap

Got this sudden urge for BBQ food.

And I feel like doing an online Birkies, AE, Hollister, Old Navy and A&F shopping spree.

Or maybe I shd just go back BKK and finish it up.

All these need moo-lah!!

Okay.. some photos of the past month (cos got people complain I nv update!)

Taken with my phone

classic. must take 1 photo after checkin in and slackin at the departure lounge.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf



colorful cigarettes



the rest




Remy Martin


and off we go to the smoking room!

on the way, these are some of the shops we passed by...

bar and cafe

a bright and colorful cosmetic shop but i forgot the name

The Watch Shop

a pool table

and finally..

the smoking room!

the view from the smoking area outside the smoking room

the people standing there

and the people sitting here

and acting stupid

slacked at Mac-D and took some pictures of

my boarding pass

my black YSL cig!!! chio a not?

and we finally board the plane (after much squeezing with the kiasu aunties and uncles)

we manage to take a nice picture in the midst of acting calm b4 the plane takes off

and the plane took off smoothly...

my view of clouds

my view of clouds again

my view of the wings

back to the clouds

oops! not supposed to on handphone on the plane!! kenna caught! then we went to ZZZ
finally, after a 2 hour plane ride, we landed smoothly, thumbs up for the pilot!

Welcome to Bangkok International Airport!

arrival hall

baggage on conveyor belt

the left side after we stepped out of the arrival hall

and the right side

and I off my phone for the rest of the trip till I saw this

a baby elephant outside Platinum Shopping Mall. Knn keep moving.. cannot take a clear picture!

Yeah so thats all the photos I have in my handphone. Not a lot taken with Edwin's camera though.. They don't seemed to be very enthu abt taking pictures in a foreign country.. *shrugs* Thank god, there wun be a next time.

Since thats the case, I shall try not to post up any faces except this

love the old school feeling even though our face look like ghost without make up.

MBK is like the Statue of Liberty of Bangkok... how could we not take a pic?

I got a sorethroat after coming back from Chatuchak Weekend Market becos I saw these...




And bunnies here, bunnies there, bunnies EVERYWHERE!

ooooooooh aren't these cutesy little furballs adorable?

and the not so cutesy big elephant. it came slightly after that baby elephant. I touched the trunk.. WOAH! fucking rough sial! the hair machiam my mother's broomstick. Ouch!

So there.. my trip to BKK. Sorry to make it look so fucked up and pathetic, nxt time I'll make sure I bring my own camera. And I think the next time would be pretty soon.. and of course, most prolly with 2-3 of my best gal friends. Learnt a lot from this trip. You wanna know? Treat me coffee and I'll tell u in person. :)

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