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Saturday, January 21, 2006


Sometimes I wonder why are there so many people on my msn contact list. Whats the point of having such a long friends' list when I don't even talk to 95% of them? Now that my msn is down (I can only use web-based msn), I will realised who are the ones whom actually will bother contacting me even though I'm not on msn.

Same goes for friendster. 500 friends? Big fuck? 3 accounts and above? For fuck? Trying to show what a social butterfly you are? Or trying to show off how well-known you are? I used to have 2 accounts, one full and one with 100+ friends but I realised a waste of time when I don't even know the majority of those I added or who have added me. So I deleted both of them.

Phone contact list too! Losing phones seemed to be a good way to filter your phone list. Mine was about 300 people. Mostly whom I don't contact (and vice versa) or have already changed number. Losing my sim card (painfully together with my phone) lets me know who bothers keeping contact with me. The rest are just useless people. Oh of course you get unwanted phone calls from some people who need favours from you. Lets leave those out yeah?

Well if you know all the people in your phonebook, msn and friendster account, good for you, seriously. I feel so happy for you.

If you don't? Then go fuck yourself.

And a present for you,

for all the trend whores out there.

p/s: not in a good mood. need some place to vent it out. if i accidentally hit YOUR nail.. i'm sorry, but there's nothin you can do abt it. *smirks*

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