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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New Hair Cut

Since there's nobody to go town with me (or rather, there was supposed to be, but as usual, I kenna "fly aeroplane"), I went town myself to get my phone fixed, yet again.

The moment I reached Suntec, it was pouring cats and dogs! My shuttle bus stopped at the Macdonald Building (the one with the new Citibank and a 2-level This Fashion) and made a short dash under the shelter. Oh god, the rain is so heavy, a mere 1 sec can make the surface of my bag and my arms completely wet.

Since its was still raining heavily, I decided to go shop around at This Fashion. Never liked to shop there, cos their clothes come in funny sizes. Their skirts are still alright, but thinking of my Bangkok trip, I decide to save all my money for BKK. Teeheehee!

After 10 mins, the rain almost stopped. So I decided to take an mrt to Orchard cos its still drizzling and I can't afford to fall sick cos there's nobody to take care of me. T_T

After I'm done at SE service center, I walked over to Lido, grabbed a chocolate milkshake, took a smoke and went to wait for a bus to AMK. Gonna meet Cammie for a haircut! I realised the last time I cut my hair was last year, a few days before CNY. Hahahahaha! And that was the time I rebonded my hair too! Not bad ah.. can last quite long. 300 bucks for rebonding, cut, wash and treatment quite worth it! Not to forget the bucks is in RINGGIT! :P

Anyway, the hairstylist is Cammie's friend. He's quite friendly and he cut hair damn fast. A bit scared at first cos cut so fast.. like machiam never cut liddat. Actually I only trimmed the back of my hair. I asked him not to cut my tip, just trim the sides to make it a V shape. Then I cut my fringe.

The first time he cut, then he asked "like that ok?" I said "huh? still so long ah?" hahaha! Then he cut again. Ok lar.. quite happy with the overall. Then Cammie's turn. Her hair takes a longer time to grow compare to mine. Actually wanted to go back Msia cut and treatment cos so much cheaper. But I'm only going back on the eve of CNY eve, so I wouldn't have much time and the salon would most prolly be fully booked too. So just save the trouble and cut in Spore lar... since Cammie also cutting. Wash + cut only 20 bucks. Quite cheap lor! I think I only cut hair in Spore like less than 10 times.. and this is one of the cheapest. And quite satisfactory! Next time I'll most prolly go back to him.. but a bit far la.. Hougang..

See my "new" look! Actually not much diff la.. just that maybe a bit neater and more refreshed. Hehe!

my fringe! short! so I can style it! or clip it up. I have like so many hair clips but don't really have much chance to use cos normally my fringe is the length where I can tuck behind my ears. so boring!

the V-shaped. wanted it to be a steeper V but becos my hair is rebonded, if I trimmed it too much, the ends will lose its weight and my hair will not be as straight liao.

and finally 2 happy and satisfied customers! :D

P/S: Cammie said I look like a small girl with my short fringe. >_<
And the others just said I look da same.. machiam never cut.. GRRRRRR!


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