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Monday, January 16, 2006

I *HEART* ........



P/S: They're going for 1.9k each at Pet Safari @ EastPoint Shopping Mall.

Okay, besides the point, my phone that was just collected from SE service center is giving me problem again. "Emergency Calls Only" when I'm at home? Bad enough.. suddenly become "No Network".. WAFFAK?! Something seriously wrong with the internal antenna. And I think becos of that, its leeching my batt life. Gonna bring it back to the service center again. Argh! And I'm supposed to clean up my room tomorrow.

And I went for my aura and palm reading on Saturday. It was quite interesting.. something new for me. My aura tells me that recently I'm in a healing stage. Cuz most of my colors are either greenish or bluish with occasional violet and white. Cammie's one is more vibrant colors of red, orange and gold. My sis is more of blue and violet with occasional green. My sis said its better if its of more vibrant color but I asked the guy who explained the aura reading to us, he told me that there's 2 sides to every color combination. So it depends on how we look at it.

You know whats the most incredible thing he said about my aura?



I think that would be the last thing anybody would say about me. Well, maybe I am, if I want to be. But I just refuse to becos, its obviously others who are wasting my time!!! Why should I be patient with people who can't manage their own time?

Ok back to the topic. Palm reading was cool. And a bit more accurate.

I can be a spiritual leader. Hmmmmmm...

Friends come to me for a listening ear, comfort and advice when they needed one. True? I don't know.. you decide!

If you're interested to have your aura or palm read, drop me a ring. I can bring you to the place I went. My sis and I just love these kind of stuff and she would be more than happy to show you around! :P

Can you see the aura around me and Cammie?

HAHAHA! NO! There's only hunger written all over our face cuz we're outside Pepper Lunch! :D~

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