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Friday, December 16, 2005

Trucker Cap Madness

Since I had no work yesterday, I went shopping with Angie the siaocharbor (no, not the choice). Met her at Parkway and we're supposed to shop for xmas presents for some of our loved ones.

First we went to the newly opened Topshop. I saw this pair of 3/4 straight cut jeans. Damn nice! And it really fits nicely! But I feel that its overpriced, thats why I didn't get it. Angie bought a few tops and we walked around a bit more before sitting down for a drink and smoke. My favorite Water-Rise fried chicken patty with their special Japanese ice lemon tea. But they got my order wrong, so I got honey mango juice instead of my ice lemon tea. :( So I kopped a bit of lemon tea from Angie. :D

Toilet break!

After we came out from toilet, we walked past this shop that sells surfers' stuff. And I saw this super funky checkered pink trucker cap. And tried it on, and it's just perfect! There's a few more nice caps in the shop so me and Angie each got a trucker cap. Hers is pink too, but the design is more funky. Don't need to imagine.. we took like millions of photos on the bus to Orchard and killed those super ugly ones and we're left with these

This was a mistake.. I thought the pic wasn't taken cos the bus was shaking and I think I didn't press the capture button and I said "OOPS!" and hence the funny face. -.-

This is not bad.. but Angie complained her face got cut off, so ok, NEXT!

Nice! But could have been better... so.....





FINALLY! A nice pic.. what was taken like 2 hours later at Lido Mac. Duh!!!

Ok enough of trucker cap photo madness. Angie forced me to take a pic of this......

Just for the smokers! ^^v

So after MPH, my ice cream and Kalms.. we went down to Orchard to meet Danny! Been a long long time since I last met him and everythin seemed to be goin on fine. Waited for Angie's bf and we head on down to Wheelock for dinner at Sakae Sushi! Sashimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D~ Too bad never take photo cos my phone was like going to die on me soon..

We took this at Mac while waiting....

CUTE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha
Angie's pink rabbit humping my darling pink LV bag (with Angie's safari bag as a background) MUAHAHAHAHAHA! Madness man!

And finally,

a final trucker madness pic at Lido's toilet. Ignore the people behind ya? HAHAHA!

Ok, gotta go catch some sleep cos tomorrow, WE ARE PLAYING MAHJONG AT DANNY'S HOUSE!!!! superrrrrrrrrrrr long nv touch mahjong tiles liao. Hope my red shimmering fingernails will bring me luck!

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