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Friday, December 30, 2005

A Super Long Post

Today's blog style will be more of a daily cum organiser kind of thingy cos too long le!!! Sorry for letting you wait so long (if you ARE waiting) to catch up on what's goin on in my life. Here you go!

24th December
2PM : rehearsal at echo music. my team members include cammie, sheila, xinying, estella and weiquan. only the girls were at the rehearsal, so we roughly went thru the script. omg, on the actual day sure screw up one!! cos everyone still like blur (or maybe its just me) and we only practise it once and there's like no time left. >_<

4PM : went raffles city with cammie after rehearsal cos both of us haven't buy christmas present yet! though I don't really intend to buy, I still bought strawberry white wine cos I'll be goin over to angie's house for dinner with her mom and a few good friends. So it wouldn't be nice to go empty handed ya?

5.30PM : danny picked me up on the cab to go angie's house. supposed to be at 5pm but he's late!!! okay, you're forgiven cos I already saw that coming and was prepared for it. Hahaha! Luckily I had cammie's companion. When I opened the cab door, I was shocked to see a big big rattan basket staring back at me.
Thats all that came to my mind at that point of time.
"Haha! No la!"
Then he ushered me to go to the front seat.
And the conversation continued while we were on our way to angie's house.

6PM : reached angie's house. hey! we're the earliest! so we helped auntie pat (angie's mommy) to go bedok interchange to pick up stuff from ntuc and to meet ed. The xmas dinner includes sakae sushi set, black pepper beef, baked ham, roast pork ribs. Damn! I forgot to take pictures of the food packed in pretty boxes!

7.30PM : waited for jamie and fae to come and they finally reached at 7.30pm cos bro had to have dinner at home first. so... we START DIGGING (cos me, danny and ed were so hungry we could swallow a horse la!)

10PM : PRESENT-EXCHANGING TIME!!! hehehehe! I love presents becos its supposed to be a nice surprise! You have to open the gift wrap before you know what's inside!
then we drink champagne, ate fruit cake and chocolate + blueberry log cake and some cake called "stolen". very nice! very filling christmas dinner!!
And I took pictures of all my presents (not as many as angie cos me and ed and me and danny made a pact to eliminate the need of buying christmas presents for each other)

present from auntie pat!! thank you auntie pat!! later then show u what's inside the wrapper. :P

present from angie!! thank you babe!! I already guessed what it was before I opened it. HEHEHE!

and another christmas card with a very sweet msg inside from angie. :)

and the thing that made the house lit up with christmas mood











aiyooo! christmas tree la!! what were you thinking har? ;P
2nd pic, see danny at the background styling his hair? hahaha! vain pot!! :P

10.30PM : danny went off cos he gotta pass the big big rattan basket to his friend. angie and ed were preparing to go to ed's church. auntie pat was preparing to go church too. So me, jamie and fae went online and start searching for available seats for Narnia. Most of the seats were quite full for GV cinemas and EW website can't choose seats and Cathay website is lagging like fuck!! Shaw's website was lagging too but we managed to get the seating plan to load and saw that there was a lot of empty seats at shaw tower and we went beach road to catch the show.

11.30PM : reached beach road and bought tickets for the 12AM show. still got a lot of seats lor! Next time when you wanna watch a last minute or during-holidays blockbusters, I recommend Beach Road's Shaw for you. I always manage to catch blockbusters there when everywhere else was fully booked or left the neck-aching rows. After which, we went starbucks for coffee and we opened our presents! okok, it wasn't 12 yet! so technically, we played cheat. But we got a show to catch at 12, so you can't expect us to open the presents in the pitch dark cinema right?! HEHEHEHE! May I present to you, MY PRESENTS! :P

from auntie pat! a pink furry cigarette box and matching lighter! so sweeet!! but ermm, i'm trying to kick the habit. hahaha! (I just realised there seemed to be a flame from the lighter which look like a Polo Ralph Lauren horse.)

from angie! my cutie solar-powered christmas Hidamari No Tami (I'm just typing off from the box). so ke ai hor!? thank you so much babe!

12AM : bought nachos and went in. okay lar, though u can catch blockbusters at beach road without any problems, but I have a very big problem with their nachos and cheese. SUCK TO THE CORE LAH! the cheese is like tasteless.. then the nachos also like no taste. hais.. the first time I didn't finish all the cheese on my nachos plate. I did enjoy the show quite a bit though it was quite rushed towards the ending part. Think they dragged too much time in front liao.. I was expecting the fighting and killing the witch part to be much more exciting. but, sorry! no! overall, hmm.. I'll give it a 6.5/10.
Oh and there's this funny phone call halfway thru the show. I picked up and said hello (until my fingers can't count how many times) and the person on the other side refused to speak. Then I heard sniffing and asked if the person is okay but still don't want to talk. I keep askin are you alright? who are you? can pls talk? still no reply. Maybe a call from outer space ah? unknown number mah... I hanged on to the phone for about 2 mins (YEAH! in the cinema!! while in the middle of a show!!) before the person hung up the phone. Duh! Then zhun zhun, at the end of the show, the person called again. Still don't want to talk, still sniffing away. I think the person cryin loh... then I told my frens, they said maybe one of my ex called. Hahaha! That would be funny and interesting to watch. ;D

2.30AM : show finish. went home.

3.30AM : KO-ed!

25th December
11AM : woke up, play dota, eat lunch, nap.

5PM : go work!

6PM : today got new collegue!! His name is kenny. actually he already started work at the kovan's branch a week or so liao. Cos my other collegues have been telling me about him, and they said he knows me, knows I play cs and he was even from a clan I was in previously (like donkey years ago). So I'm very the looking forward to meet him. When I saw him, ermm.. no impression leh!!! LOL! So pai seh.. people know me but I don't recall seeing him before. So I decided not to show my pai-seh-ness and talk to him as normal. Then when smoking that time, then I released my questions. And I was enlightened! He is Yang from WwF! LOL! Aiyah! I know who, i mean, I heard of him and I think I saw him a few times (a few times is not enough for me to remember his face). Dohhh! Anyway guys tend to change after NS, so yeah! cannot blame me!!
And my other collegue, Nicholas, told me in the afternoon (or was it evening.. nvm!), he bought a new phone cos he buey lun! his whole family changed phones except him. DUH! that's not a good enough reason to change phone. Then he say he see me change phone also. DUH! Mine is BO BIAN ONE LOR!!! kaos! Anyway he bought a sonyericsson w900i... 1K LOR!!! WAH LAO! SHEN JING BING! better chain lock the phone to his hands wherever he go man! If lost it, confirm jump off building. We wanted to video call but both haven't activate. Kaninasai!
And we got extra $25 from boss as christmas gift to all staff. Kerson and Chee Tiong kp why today we not taking Public Holiday pay.. haha! Recovered a bit for my new phone. Tmr then get p.h pay cos tmr then is official p.h!!
Got a call from my msia childhood fren, vincent, during work wishing me mery xmas. Super long never talk to him liao.. this cny I shall go back and we shall go party together again!! :P

1AM : finish work, went duku road for supper with dunoe(my other collegue who was there playin game and close the shop) and yang(aka kenny). Dexter and Kerlen came to meet us after they closed their side and we talk cock until 4am then go home. I laugh until super shag, they mass gossipping and tellin us funny things abt the boss's nephew. Super tired sial.. the next day got showcase somemore. Arghh! Go home KO!

4.30AM : Reached home and check my mail. Received a positive rating from the guy who sold me the phone. Did I mention the guy was quite cute and drove a Rav4? wahahhaa! he dropped me a gd rating saying "a friendly and pretty buyer". *blush*

26th December
11.30AM : woke up. my mom showed me this

hahaha! so cute! a baby papaya inside a papaya. bah!

1.30PM Reach paradiz. Met cammie, sat down smoke + eat + chit chat.

2.30PM Went up to room 1. FWAH! Super big lar!! Next time must hold my bday party there liao!! But I think confirm super expensive also. LOL! The showcase haven't start yet. So we went to the room next to it and practise 1 more time.
Quite a lot of pple at the showcase. Total got abt 6 groups and 3 solos. We were the 4th group.
A few pictures of some of the 2 groups that performed before us.

first group

second group

photo camera too sucky liao, so decided to stop taking pictures. haha! Overall the showcase went well. Yuxuan, my vocal teacher, gave us xmas gift of a keychain with twisted wire that spells our name. She made it herself! So nice!

5PM : went off to go work.

6PM : start work. lester and jeremy, old sch gaming frens at @corner last time, came to play game. I didn't realised they were here until lester came to log out. I saw him, I was still unaware. Then I saw his 11B then I look at his name, and I look at him again and I blurted out "BASKET!!" LOL! Ok, I'm super blur lar.. lol~ Then he told me jeremy was here too, so I went to disturb him when he was playing dota. He turned around and saw me and was like "EHH! WTF!" hahaha! He already ORD and is now in Australia studying lor.. came back Spore for christmas and new year. Omg.. how time flies man! When I know them, they were about to go in ns.. and now.. ORD-ED! Ahhh! Getting old!!
I played o2jam at nite until abt closing. went home, cousins already here. stupid dad go and buy 50cents coupon for night parking. but i think also can la.. tired. Met keith for short smoke then went to sleep.

27th December
8.15AM : woke up. fuck sleep less than 6 hours. super sleepy sia! Had a hearty breakfast. Morning went to the carpark to drive the car over to ecp cos parking free. But was too late, already received fine ticket. 30 bucks. didn't know ecp free parking. that time me and keith still stupid stupid go put parking coupon. actually he checked out if the other cars got put. only 1 car spoil market and put coupon so we decided to put 50cents. only today den i realised there isn't a parking lot number. so IT'S FREE! duh!! we like a stupid sia! HAHAHAHA!

11AM : drove my mom, aunt, cousins, newphew and niece to bugis. came back to park the car, luckily got 1 lot. behind me got 1 car.. i think the person wanna park but TOO BAD! hahaha! ok now need to catch a nap. fuckin sleepy!

4PM : woke up from nap, prepare to go work.

6PM : start work. today workin with kerson, after work went for supper with kerson and chee tiong. 2 of them damn funny lar.. keep suaning each other. i laughed til my jaws damn tired.

2.30AM : went home to "steal" car keys to drive kerson and chee tiong home. slowly and quietly open door and tip-toed into the living room. the key was supposed to be on the big round table in the living room, but wasn't there. i was thinking "shit!" then i tried the shelves where my parents always put the house keys there. first shelf, beside the telephone, don't have! then 2nd shelf, beside the biscuit tin, there's a piece of white paper. I lifted the paper up and feel ard, WALAAAA! found the key! hahaha!
so there we go.. the initial plan is to send them home, then i go home. but dunno why end up goin changi see bapok. but before that we went kerson's house to use toilet and picked up his cig first.
at the changi village carpark, we even got off the car, have a smoke and they suggested goin over to talk to these 2 bapok. one of which, kerson said quite chio, look jap. I'm like "leave me out man!" So i sat beside the car, while they walk over, then they cross the road to the coffeeshop, buy drink and came back. I see they like never talk to them leh! So I asked, and they said the 2 of them like act high class. Hahahaha! Chee tiong sian 1/2 cos he wanna hear them talk. So we brought him to the "reject zone". But he still didn't get to hear them talk cos the moment he saw, he scream in the car. (Yeah imagine a very drama-mama guy "AHHHH AHHH!" in the car.. and after which he laugh till the whole car like shaking) Then went back. I love driving luxury cars man!! Super smooth and quiet lar! I bet kerson agreed with me too! hahaha! Poor thing wanna drive but haven't got his licence cos he failed with a 36 demerit points. :P So I can't possibly let him drive cos its not my car loh!

4.30AM reach home, tio kan, then go sleep.

28th December
9.30AM : woke up. fuck! slept 5 hours only. my nephew and niece making hell lot of noise. they went to the beach to play, so i had some peace and went back to sleep and wake up at 11+ when they came back and make hell lot of noise again. grrr!
had lunch, then went town to shop. i never buy anythin cos everything i wanted to buy, i keep sayin bangkok has this, has that and its cheaper! all cannot stand me! lol~
each of them bought diamonds lor.. one from citigem, 2 from lee hwa. i saw this super big and shiny solitaire ear ring at lee hwa. not very expensive la.. abt 7k only.. *chuckles* and i tried it. looks super nice on my ear. cos my ear lobe very thick (means got good life! hahaha!) and the diamond sticks to the middle of my ear lobe nicely. woot! i am fated to wear big diamonds :P thats why i classified myself high maintenance. hahaha!
went back at abt 5+ cos my mom need to cook dinner. bump into stepie outside her work place, talk a bit then went off.

6PM : reach home. super tired. took a nap while my mom prepare dinner. woke up at abt 7+, had dinner, slack a bit then drove my relatives to town to see the christmas lightings.
actually i just realised that this year's christmas lightings nothin much.. or maybe becos xmas is over already, and a lot of shoppin centers have already remove their decorations. the nicest and most eye-catchin one still gotta be the centrepoint's m&m christmas decorations. then we drove to esplanade to show them the new spore's trademark.

A few pictures I took while waiting for the traffic lights. Damn lucky to be the first car at the junction la! Got clear view! hahaha!

at the junction of wheelock, lido and tangs. damn nice la! use nightmode to take the picture. not too bad, considering the quality of my camera phone. lol!

at the junction of rendezvous hotel.

to verify its rendezvous hotel. hahaha!

10PM : send them back, supposed to go ecp and park the car but decided to go down katong and find kerson for a smoke. :P told my dad i couldn't find a parking lot at ecp so that they wun suspect why i took a long time to park the car.
these few days nick has been video calling me. during shoppin in the afternoon and when i just parked the car and was walkin towards katong shoppin center. drag kerson out for a smoke and both of us were video talking to nick outside the shop. sometimes can't hear properly due to noise from the surrounding. must use earpiece when video calling cos the speakers are like behide the screen and the mic is in front so can't hear properly. Now I carry my ear piece wherever I go in case people video call me. But seriously, I think talking on the phone while stretching my hands to my face level and looking into my camera look stupid lar! Everyone was looking at me when I was talkin on the phone. >_<
anyway, my parents called again and asked me to park the car at the hdb carpark downstairs cos they goin out for supper soon. Faster smoke finish and faster go back.

11.30PM : brought them for supper at simpang bedok. let them try spore pratas. haha! they said the prata is crispier than msia ones and the curry are so much nicer. and i couldn't agree more. :P and I ate my favorite mushroom chees prata!

1AM : reach home. KO!

29th December
8.45AM : suddenly jerked awake.. parents nv wake me up. but luckily my bio clock is tuned to wake my brain and body up at the time i told myself to.
faster prepare to go work.. said bye to my auntie, uncle, cousins and niece and nephew cos they leaving later in the afternoon.
walked to bus stop and just missed the bus. zzz! msg-ed my collegue and when i reached my work place, i realised he wasn't working today. argh! super sleepy sial.. tonite got singing lesson.

6PM : finish work. feeling sick and weak. argh! black face cos evening shift pple late. slept on the bus while on the way to singing class. feelin better after that. after class went home. saw my collegue huijun at bugis. reach home KO.

OMG! This entry took me 2 hours to type and edit. Heng the past few days I typed in bit by bit and saved as draft so that I can just edit and add in photos when I have the time to post this entry. But still, it took me 2 hours to complete.

Now I'm waiting for Angie to go school, finish school and come my house. We are gonna play mahjong today!!! Yippie! I managed to catch up with some of my sleep last night, so today I can concentrate on my mahjong and wun lose money to danny again!!! grrr!

Oh and I realised I would be alone for new year countdown. BOOO HOOO!! My cousin driving back to msia for the weekend and my parents will be following him. HOW ??? I NO PLANS FOR NEW YEAR EVE! NOBODY DATE ME! Fuck.. i sound damn pathetic. LOL! Ok, I just need to do something on saturday cos sunday I would be busy with my fren's 21st bday chalet. Oh! And we haven't go buy a present for her! If today's mahjong session ends early, we'll be heading out to buy present. If not, it would have to be tomorrow. Aiyoo everything not confirm. Hate it man!

This entry no self portrait! So I shall present to you one of my CUTE self portrait! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

CUTE RIGHT? cute = ugly but adorable. i realised my nose look damn BIG here! HAHAHA! courtesy of my bro, william's new Sharp 3g phone.

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