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Friday, December 23, 2005

My 1st 3G Phone!

Yeah! These few days, my life is just evolving around handphones and work and police officers. I went to make a police report on Wed, then went down to Bugis to buy a Zircon charger so I could use my Zircon as a spare phone. But who knows, the following day I went to buy my SonyEricsson Z800i. Anyway, I still could use the Zircon as a normal PDA cos there's my favorite game in the phone. Collected my 3G-enabled SIM card on Wed too.

Just now I tried to video call William but can't leh. I think must activate the service. And fuckin Starhub customer care is not pickin up my call. Nbz.. Everything wanna charge money, yet service still like sai.

These 3 days I spent like almost 500 bucks lar! Luckily my mom help me pay 100 bucks for the phone. And I don't need to pay cash for my SIM card, it will be debit into my next month's bill. Heart pain like fuck sial.. could have used the money to go Bangkok for a good hardcore shopping spree. Now I'm like only left with half of what I intended to bring to Bangkok. Seriously screw December!


fucked up month... *grumble grumble*

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