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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Goodbye 2005!

This will be the last post of the year. Everyone will be recalling what good and bad things happened in this year. What have you and have you not achieved. What do you wanna achieve in the new year.

For me, I guessed the bad covered the good. It was a bad year for me. I lost more than I gained. I failed more than I achieved.

But I'm not gonna let it pull me down!

I think about those I achieved. I think about those I gained. And I learnt from my mistakes. I shall make myself a smarter and better person in 2006. Coz I'll be like twenty fucking four! Its the 2nd dog year in my life. How many 12 years are there?

I'm not gonna list my resolutions or goals. I'm a very practical person. I don't wish for the impossible and I don't like to list my goals and end up not achieving them in the end. In other words, I don't give myself unnecessary pressure and stress. I've learnt to love myself.

Well, lets just leave out the bad things yeah?
This year, the biggest achievement would be my driving licence. Everything one time pass. I told myself I could do it, and I did it!! Of course I have to thank my parents for payin for all my lessons and the relevant fees and also my patient and encouraging instructor for being such a great teacher to me. And Scott for recommending the instructor to me. :D

I've also gained a group of close friends. Or rather, I became closer to them.
Angie, sometimes I don't know to love or hate her. Sometimes she makes me wanna cry, both in joy and anger. Sometimes looking at her just makes me smile. Most of the times, she would just make me crack my brain to help her. She loses her way quite often, so.. yeah! I'm glad you share your happiness and woes with me. And I'm glad I shared mine with you too! Sometimes I might emo you but you know I love you all the same! :P Thanks for bringing me closer to the rest of us. Thanks for trying to understand and accomodate me. Thanks babe for letting me realised 2005 ain't that bad afterall.

Jamie, thanks for being so enthu and taking time off to countdown one of my worst bday with me. You made it look better. And thanks for cheering me up and assuring me. :) I'm so happy you found someone to take care and love you! I thought I almost lost you when I haven't heard from you for such a long time but knowing you still remember my bday touched my heart. I'm glad your life is complete now but don't forget your sisters!

Danny, thanks for coffee and mahjong sessions. And thanks for being such a nice and sporty friend. I'm so looking forward to the BKK trip with Angie, Ed and you! We shall party on yeah?!!

William, I never expected our "kinship" to get this far. But I'm glad we did. Thank you for always being there for me and assuring and encouraging me. Thank you for helping me see what's good and bad for me. Thank you for picking up my call at 2.30am and listen to my tears even though you gotta wake up at 6 the next day. Thank you for bringing me back with the icy people. Thank you for picking up vocal lessons with me. Sorry for emo-ing you quite frequently. But you took it well cos I guessed you knew me almost inside out. Thanks for sharing you woes and happiness with me cos I'm glad I shared mine with you! Thank you for everything. You're the best bro one could ever get (though sometimes I can't stand your time management :P) Hehehe!

Cammie, though we've always been in touch but this year seemed quite significant for us. We have many things to chat about and we could talked about them almost all night long. Thanks for sharing your problems with me though I can't be of much help. And thanks for listening to mine too. Thanks for celebrating bday with me though you're busy with work and other stuff. Thanks for always being there for me and sharing your view on life with me. It makes me realised how vulnerable I was and how strong you were. Please take good care of yourself and drive carefully. Remember that I will always be here for you even if the whole world turns its back on you. :)

Keith, thanks for letting me drive! haha! Sorry but thats the first thing that came to me. Thanks for being there for me when I needed someone to talk to late at night. Thanks for thrashing me in dota! Just kidding lar! But it was quite entertaining though a bit frustrating. Thanks for all the late night coffee and supper session. Thanks for giving me advice and listening to my ramblings though you had like much more important things to do. Thanks for being my neighbour. :)

Zhong, though we don't really meet up that often, thanks for checking on your dotter to know if she's alright. Yes I am, daddy! Thanks for always checking my msn nick to see if I'm okay. I'm glad we shared our problems though we can't help each other much. But being there, listening to our problems is good enough. Its like having a punching bag. You flood my msn and I flood yours. Haha! Dad, I miss my Haagen Daz! :P All the best in your studies next year!

Of course, the most important people I have to thank are my parents. Without them, there's no me. I often make them angry and upset but they still gave me their unconditional love. Sad to say that they went back msia with my cousin this morning, so I'm left alone here to welcome the new year. Next year, I will make them proud of me. Don't ask me what I'll do, I will just do my best.

With that, I waved good bye (and silently cursed) to 2005! And I'm all prepared for 2006, my year of dog! I'm leaving all the bad things behind and bringing all the good to the next year. Take care people! And happy new year! May it be a good one for you. :)

P/S: You see the list up there? Yeah, its not in any form of order, so pls don't scold me if your name is not on top or your name is at the bottom. Hehehe! Happy 2006!

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