Chloe's Alter Ego

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Its quite ley chey maintaining 2 blogs. Anyway, for the more updated one, pls visit my private blog (for those who have me on their msn list).

Anyway, life is still the same. Work, sleep, DOTA, driving.. Just now my fren whom intro me to my instructor msg-ed me and told me my instructor told him that my driving very zhai. hohoho~ thank you thank you! But cannot be balloon-headed. Singaporeans cannot por one.. luckily i'm just a PR. :P

Very long never go clubbin liao, so this sat goin CB to celebrate an old gaming fren's bday. And before that, I'm booked by an Egames regular customer to accompany her go Comex to choose a laptop. Finally! A well-planned weekend! No more laming at home, in front of the comp and DOTA the whole fuckin day.

I realised my "friends list" in Bnet doesn't seemd to be working. Or is it just me? I msg hi to all the frens who is online but nobody replies.. Maybe its just me. Maybe nobody dare to play with me cuz i'm a noob. Whatever..

I've set my eyes on a Gucci bucket tote bag with pink trimmings. Its so sweet! and I need a larger bag than my usual LVs to dump all my rubbish inside. But I wouldn't get a Gucci authentic cos its just a waste of money. I'll only splurge on LV stuff. Or should I wait for awhile more and go overseas and check out their bags there.. Hmmm...

Anyway GXL compy was fine. All the teams win 1 lose 1. I don't wanna comment too much, later got kaypohs prying around and passing gossips around and end up getting my ass flamed for no reason. And thats exactly why I have a private blog. ;)


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