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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

went shopping in town with mom today! i bought my ballet shoes. very sweet! goes well with jeans. and i bought my sash belt. very sweet too! omg i think i'm gonna get diabetes. (haw haw haw.. my joke is soooo cold!)

wanted to get a roxy or ripcurl cap.. but was thinkin and thinkin.. do i really need 1? on how many occasion does i wear a cap? so i decided to delay my cap, and get my BATTLECHEST instead!!! hehehe~

but diane can't get it cheap for me cos she has no stock already. so she suggest i borrow the original warcraft cd from someone who has it, and then just get frozen throne cos they only detect the frozen throne cd-key and not the original warcraft. hmm, what a great way! can save money! but who shd i borrow the warcraft cd from? lol~

recently i bought so many new clothes and shoes.. luckily my parents never make noise. they used to complain i have too much clothes.. blah blah blah! now i pay with my own money, they never talk so much liao. hurhur~ but i think i need a new wardrobe soon..

just now my ex-boss from mediacorp called me. she asked me how's my timing nowadays. and i told her i workin 5 days a week in the night. she wanted to ask me to be personal assistant of alex toh (yeah, the tuo diao guy..) but my timing cannot fit la.. SIAN MAN! maybe i shd just quit my job and be personal assistant of overseas artiste who are in town. muahahaha! like an ad-hoc PA. anyway ad-hoc like not steady one.. when got lobang, good lor. but when no lobang, then eat shit? hais.. i also dunno man! see how lor.. if i really get my driving licence in Oct, might consider a change of job. maybe be car sales engineer or something.. woooo!

today first training with the gals... after so long man! i think all of them in good mood.. keep laughing. opponent spray also never kpkb. lol~ hope everytime also can be so happy. dun like to quarrel over cs.. or players' attitude problem. very sian and hurting to friendship.. anyway damn long never play.. damn pak jiao can? half the time i was shooting air. 30 bullet to zhua 1 enemy. somemore not confirm die one. LOL~ the guy also quite pak jiao... allow me to spray 30 bullet at him before killing me. rofl~

cindy tan got bf liao wor.. cheebye everyone is attached! maybe i should go for matchmaking services liao. haw haw haw~ my mom threaten to force me to one if i don't get a bf by end of this year. WHAT SIAL ????????????

hais sian.. i wanna dota!

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