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Thursday, July 07, 2005

few days never update. yanie read thru and thought my parents were still out of town. haha! anyway, they're back already. so as usual, no mahjong when they're away. WHYYYYY? lol~

sat-wed i've been working. yeah so its basically just workin la. and driving on tues. drove an old car cos my instructor's car was in the garage again. kenna buang by his student. LOL! damn jia lat.. later i gonna have driving again. long time never drive in the evening, so i requested for the 6pm slot today.

was supposed to meet jia for lunch and shopping today. but she called and said she couldn't sleep last night, so she can't make it today. sighs.. so i've got like nothing to do before my driving class la. and she can't go ktv tonight cos tomorrow she gotta wake up early and prepare for her graduation ceremony. aiyah super boring ah.. anyway i did these last night. hehe

Image hosted by

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sorry ah.. a bit blur. took it with my handphone with the hands wobbling. i only did it on the 2nd and 4th finger. testing to see if it will turn out to be nice. next time i'll do more design.

ooh i bought new perfume already! and i saved like 70 bucks. i originally wanted the ralph lauren perfume, cos i love the smell. so sweet and fruity. then the lady recommend me a adidas perfume. i tested it and realised that the smell is close to that of ralph lauren, and the price is like three quarter lesser. so i took it la! happy and satisfied customer! :) oh btw, i bought it at katong shoppin center, a level above my work place. they sell cheap perfumes, shampoo, cosmetics.. and a lot of stuff there.

ok back to my rose online. tataz~

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