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Friday, June 24, 2005

caught Initial D with jia today. nice show. no, not becos of jay. i think his acting sucks. he shd stay in his singing and composing career. can't act for nuts man.. his tears look so damn fake. ok, minus 20 points for him. edison is still so damn cute. omg.. everytime he comes out, he smiles, he smirks, he turns his head, whatever and whichever angle, he looks damn good.
i swear today is the first time i watched a movie in a "lecture hall" mood. the whole theatre is practically filled with teens. yeah like age grp b/w 10-16. and some girls scream when jay first came out. wtf!! not like its his LIVE concert loh. ok la, if it was 5 years ago, i might even scream louder than them. HAHAHA!
ok back to edison, he's cute. goddamn cute. i'm in love with him. end of story :)

training was alright. zoe gone crazy, laughin like mad over nothin. although kenna thrashed, but still very happy. they wanted to play a 4th map but i was too tired. can't concentrate properly liao. can't frag for shit in last map. anyway its been a super long time since i last touched cs.. this is just for old time's sake.. its just like 2 weeks away. tammy is like so kan chiong cos she thinks that we do not have enough training.. but its quite impossible to have crash training within like 2 weeks? somemore all of us have quite busy schedules. on the day of the competition, just go there and enjoy.

tam's bf fetch me to katong. dropped by to say hi to my new colleague. ok la, nice guy. at least more responsive than the previous one. duh! anyway that one was sacked. and his story is damn long. anybody who wants to know, just ask me. surely you'll enjoy lookin at my action-packed speech + facial expression. lol~

met jia after that. wanted to go clubbing but was too tired, and both of us wearing slippers. so we decide to go KTV!!!!!!!!!!!! my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!! sang till my voice almost broke. today i broke record. i only smoked 2 sticks. yeah cos thats my last 2.. lol~ usually i can finish 3/4 pack within a ktv session. no wonder always seem to be out of breath while trying to catch the lyrics.

tmr got driving lesson. bath, then sleeeeep!

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