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Thursday, May 05, 2005

yeayy! i finally got my 2-ball roller bag! this sat's bowling medal i can finally pull my balls instead of carrying them on my shoulder to my club~ proudly sponsored by my dearest mom. haha!

ok, abt my msia trip.

i reached KL on sat abt 3pm. got off at the pudu raya bus station, planning to buy return tix to spore. GOD WAS I SHOCKED BY THE SCENE I SAW!

the whole fuckin station was filled with PEOPLE and PEOPLE and MOUNTAINS OF PEOPLE!

its as if msia is goin into a war and everybody is trying to get out of the country. my fucking god!

and the even better news is, whichever counter i went to enquire abt tix to spore on monday, the only answer is "SOLD OUT". for the moment, i've never felt so fucking lost in my life. I'm like STUCK IN MALAYSIA! and i have to work on tuesday. i'm thinking i'm dead meat this time. so much for trying to be cheapo and save some money by not getting a return ticket when i was in spore. >_<

we just walk ard and finally got this bus company which has monday night 11pm tix back to spore. i was like "NO WAY MAN!" reach spore in the wee hours of the morning, then the next day i no need to work ah? i brainstormed. all the modes of transport u can think of. by rail, by air. ok la, don't have by water la! i called my cousin to help me check on rail tickets. SOLD OUT! half life gone. air ticket, SOLD OUT. unless i'm gonna pay like 300 bucks, or worse, get first class air ticket. then i was thinking if i'm gonna pay so much for my ticket back so that i could get to work the next day, might as well i just apply for urgent leave and stay 1 more day.

being so hopelessly tired. we decide to head back to the hotel and think of a solution.

the hotel is far from what i expected. ok, its cheap. so we get cheap stuff. i requested for 2 single bed. i got 1 queen size bed. no windows. don't even think about smoking in the room. no long bath tub, but i'm ok with it. i consoled myself. what to expect out of a RM90 per nite hotel? hurhur. but there's one good thing abt the hotel. its strategic location. its in the middle of a famous food street. HEAVEN MAN! the food is awesome. and cheap. mwahahahhaa.

ok once we reach the hotel. we threw our stuff, change clothes and went SHOPPING! first we went to their version of simlim sq, Low Yatt Plaza. actually its more like a mixture of funan and sim lim. the first 2 levels are like funan, classy and stuff. the 3rd level onwards is like sim lim. crowded.. all the hardware stuff. blah blah. but 1 good thing is there's isn't a bunch of people standing next to the escalator, stuffing flyers and price lists up your nose. i could shop in peace! but nv bought anything there cos the price is not competitive at all. can get it cheaper back here.

then we went to Sungei Wang, which is like our version of far east plaza. small shops, wide range of shops, good prices. its definitely bigger than far east and there's more variety.

at night we went to Chinatown. its like our chinatown during the chinese new year season. but there's is all year round. bought many stuff from there man! spent like almost 400 bucks there. just buy and buy and buy. bargain and bargain.

went back hotel. sleep.

2nd day, decide to go back to the bus station and get the 11pm tickets since i have no other options. I was bloody chopped! BLACK MARKET SIAL! the ticket for a normal coach went up to 45 bucks per tix. MY GOD! usually its just like 25 bucks for a SUPER VIP COACH with nice big comfy seats and spacious leg space. now its like almost double the price with lousy bus. god dammit! i learnt my lesson well...

after which, we went to the shoppin center opp Sungei Wang, Lot 10. hmm its a bit like Wisma? more branded stuff. there's isetan there. there's mango. there's project shop. yeah.. basically just window shop la. i don't go msia to buy expensive stuff leh but i bought a pair of Nike Air Force from there. kids size. having 20% discount. i paid only abt 120 bucks. DAMN FREAKING CHEAP MAN! its ORIGINAL okay! bought from nike boutique one! hahahaa!

then we went to Times Square. its like Suntec City, but much bigger. there's more than 10 storeys of shopping levels. but still got quite a number of vacant shop space. i think rental too high. there's a indoor amusement park. THE ROLLER COASTER IS DAMN HAPPENING I TELL YOU! too bad my fren don't dare to sit. if not i would have chiong for it. dammit! next time must go with someone who is crazy over roller coaster rides like me. hurhur! any takers?

tired tired.. went back hotel. bath. bought food from the food street. chicken wing. satay. fried carrot cake. bbq stingray. shiokkkkkk! bring back hotel eat and watch Shanghai Knights on Star Movies. i hate fann. but there's like nothin else better to watch. so i just had to bear with it la.

rest awhile. called my childhood fren. went clubbing at a famous club "Flame" situated at Pyramid Hotel. quite a distance from where we stayed actually. but my fren is driving la. as usual, their music in the beginning sucks cos its trance. "yawns" then became R&B hip hop. SHIOK! my fren is a VIP there, and he know a lot of pple there. or shd i say, a lot of pple know him. the last time i went with him there was during chinese new year. he gave out ang pao there loh. like santa claus liddat... flamboyant man.. no comments la. not my money anyway.

after clubbing. went opp eat supper. they got into a fight. some drunk ah pek come disturb him. he buey lun. slam the plate of mee goreng into his face. pour the cup of lime juice on his face. "say" him with the plastic stool. alamak. no comments la. his fren ask me call dunno what number for back up. he spoke so fast, i couldn't catch him for the last 5 times he repeat the phone number. LOL! in the end some kaypohs came to stop him. talk talk talk, then wanna go police station and stuff, then ask him relax relax. blah blah blah. thru out the whole thing i was happily playin with my fren's mini o2 and drinking my lime juice. can't be bothered man.

when we went off, my fren was so pai seh, keep apologizing to us. say what spoil our night, scare us and stuff. i told him its ok. i'm used to it anyway. HAHAHA! he was quite shocked to hear me say that. he thought i guai guai one. but i told him last time i hang out with my old frens, they always get into fights. so i was quite used to such scenario. he sent us back and on the way he was calling his other frens to go track down that guy. like machiam police, must follow the guy. then dunno wanna do what to him la. i told him just forget it la. he already made him so malu in front of so many pple. just let the case rest loh. then he ok ok. but what happened after that, i also dunno la. went back hotel, straight away KO.

the next day we booked out at 2pm. pathetic man i tell you! i had to wait till like 11pm before i can get on the stupid bus. we carry out luggage and my shoppin bags around. felt like an idiot. ARGH! i hate looking stupid in public. but never mind...

we went swensens for lunch. CHEAP STUFF I TELL YOU! same price as spore. different exchange rate. lol~ i ate so much i think i almost explode. i get to try the apple crumble. DAMN NICE! but damn sweet. i only manage to eat half of it. halfway thru. my cousin called and i chatted with her. we sat there till like 4pm then we went over to outback. LOL! its like food after food. i felt like a pig that day. outback even better. bottomless coke at 6 bucks. so i refill and refill and refill. i ate the fried mushrooms. MY FAVORITE! its damn cheap too. wah lao, msia is a food heaven man. i think its even better than spore loh. cos its CHEAP! i wanted to eat the buffalo wings to, which is like their famous dish. the chicken wings is so damn bloody nice and the taste is WOAH! but my stomach strongly disagree. i took like 2 hours to finish my plate of mushrooms. went out to smoke 3 times. went to toilet 2 times. slowly wait for my food to digest and time to pass. we sat from 4.30pm to about 9pm. i think the waitress there were like "when are they gonna leave man.." hahahaha! nice cushion seats. almost fell aslp. then i felt like goin back sungei wang to shop ard myself. so my fren waited there.

i went back and bought myself some hair accessories. suddenly somethin caught my eyes in this pink concept shop. PAUL FRANK WATCH! its damn niceeeeeeee! pink color! with paul frank face. big watch surface. wah lao. love it to bits man! bought it without thinking twice. MWAHAHAHAHA! i bought a paul frank t-shirt before that too. green one. regret it. should have bought more paul frank t-shirts. i've decide to start my collection of paul frank stuff. bought another stussy t-shirt too. very sweet. white with pink stussy logo. mwahh!

ok i shall not elaborate on my trip back cos i feel that its the WORST 6 HOURS OF MY ENTIRE LIFE! the coach is lock kok.. the seat is so cramped i have to put my beloved LV luggage on my lap. the person in front of me keep lowering his seat till i have no leg room. the air con is so cold. the seat is so cramped once again. OH MY GOD! I HATE MYSELF FOR BEING SUCH A CHEAPO! and i hate the fact that i paid 45 bucks to get back to spore just in time to go to work. yeah, i reach the causeway at 4.30am. good thing is there's no jam. WHERE WILL HAVE JAM AT SUCH ODD HOURS! got off at woodlands checkpoint and took a cab from there cos i don't trust the coach. i don't know where it will drop me at. boy did i regret my decision. the cab fare home from woodlands + midnite surcharge is like 24 BUCKS! equivalent to what i paid for my lousy coach ride back. ARGH! did i mention i hate myself just now?

i officially reach home at 5am. i slept at 5.05am. yeah. fast right? don't even bother to bath. freakin tired. just throw my stuff, change to my pyjamas and jump on my beloved bed and just SLEEP AND FORGET THE HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE I HAD!

i woke up at 7.30am. 2.5 hours of sleep. went to work like a zombie. wanted to apply for half day but my boss nag at me and change topic. yeah, fuck it. i just stayed to the end. went home and KO again. these few days i've been tryin to catch up on the sleep i lack on mon night. god dammit i'm still trying now, but i'm still blogging. i've yet to bath and wash my hair.

see! so u all better appreciate this entry man! ok ciaos!

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