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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Back track :

monday - watched kingdom of heaven. not bad.. true abt the religious stuff. so i just kept asking my fren why like this, why like that? if i never ask, after the movie i sure luan kan cos i dun understand. haha~ and there's this weird guy sittin beside us. quite fat, he was alone. then he kept shaking his leg and the chair keep creeking under his heavy "pressure". then he kept talkin to himself, for eg. when orlando bloom was fighting alone against the enemies he will shout "MY HERO!" ok, thats not the worst part. he kept turning his head and lookin at our direction. i was just 1 seat away from him loh! knn.. damn cautious thru out the show sial. later he suddenly take out a ak47 from his bag and start shootin how?

after the show, i went down to katong. slack. then went to eat supper with zac. went to my bro's house to watch old school ah beng show (young and dangerous). damn damn old school sial.. chen hao nan, xiao jie ba.. :P

tuesday - catchin my sleep day. evening wake up study for FTT. wah dammit, there was more than what i expected to study for. i'm so dead. so i just pia la.. slept at ard 11 cos was still quite tired.

wednesday - morning continue to study. went downstairs to buy duck rice. i took a plastic container with me so i can takeaway the soup also. so auntie right? lol~ wah lao, dun understand why some tards like to put the soup ladle into the pot with the lid covered? the handle was so damn fuckin hot, i sort of scalded my hand. damn red and painful after attempting to scoop the soup using the ladle. my hand so soft and delicate, not auntie hand loh. my mother can hold the ladle without any problems i guess, but she's on a holiday far away in china!! boohooo! i miss my mummy! :~~~

ok so much for whining abt my duck rice experience. i shd say wed is quite a smooth sailing day for me. u'll laugh at the reason why i said that. becos i didn't wait for any bus the whole day! meaning? when i go for my driving lesson, the moment i reach the bus stop, my bus came. then when i finish my FTT and on my way home, same thing. bus came when i reach the bus stop. at night when i go town to meet my fren, same thing again. only if everyday is like that.

ok back to FTT topic. so far i only got 2 qns wrong i think. fair chance of passing it. *cross fingers* before that i had driving lesson. tio kan again loh.. knn. I DUN WAN THE OLD AH PEK! I WANT MY ORIGINAL INSTRUCTOR! he say i like too much money, go there play a fool, not serious. cb! so tensed up for what? later end up making more mistake. budden, he also got teach quite a lot. he say i very timid, don't dare to accelerate. bloody hell, eunos there so many cars.. i scared buang what! this results in the engine keep stalling. then he damn pek chek when my engine stalls. lj la... the more he shout at me the more kan chiong i get loh. then the more engine stalls he gets. haha! then keep nagging, say i like that how to go for TP test.. eh hello! its only like the 3rd lesson? ARGHHH! reminds so much of my dad.

ok after my stressful driving lesson and FTT, went home rest. wanted to take a nap but my brain refused to shut down. nb.. hang there. in the end went to cook maggie mee, watch tv, then get ready to go CLUBBIN!! yeah~ ok la, not too fun, not too bad. got cute guys wor.. somemore gabriel's fren. haha! also got a lot of fashion-sense-gone-wrong and can't-dance-for-nuts guys. cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn-NOT make it leh! a bunch of kiam-pak-faced ah bengs, wear like shit, can't dance for fuck. then got a few hip hop posers, try to dance on the podium end up hands anyhow swing, hit my fren. we stared at him and i told jia if he ever hit her again, i'm gonna kick him off the podium. she say no need to wait for me, she would have already done that. haha! more violent than me sial~

stayed till like 2.30 then went back. she gotta go cheekys cos got something on. slept at 4am. tryin to upload some pic from my dumbfuck lagging phone to my comp. keep giving me error. gonna send it for software upgrading liao man! nb.. pek chek. always auto-reboot, arboh hang there.. there's NEVER a perfect phone loh.. this phone has all the functions but like quite lag. i thought symbian phone are all like that but this is exceptionally laggy.

woke up at 1pm today. i guess this is gonna be my lifestyle soon man.. since i'm gonna work at egames. aiyah 4pm liao. better get ready to go to work. ZZz

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