Chloe's Alter Ego

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Yesterday was quite relax cos i finished up most of my stuff on thu. i actually had the time to sneak out with my locationists and went to look for some super big houses near adam road. we were smokin and the 2 locationists were discussing abt certain show need a super big house with long driveway for filming. then my other colleague suggested a house which she has been before. and they decide to go there after the smoke since they have the company's van. and they drag me along, so off we go. i disappeared from office for 1/2 hour or so. can't be bothered to tell them where i went anyway. i just say i go radio gate and grab a script which i need to put at radio gate for my part timer. act act a bit la! hahaha!

the house we went to was damn freakin big! and it goes the same for the all the houses along that stretch. swetterham road. cool! got security somemore! must be mr lee's frens. some ambassador shit. wonder why are they so highly paid? whats an ambassador for? represent a country? its like an ambassador for a certain product. is it the same thing? why the fuck they so highly paid and live in such big houses and need bodyguards? what they do to deserve all this? don't understand. nvm.

life is nv fair.

holy shit. i blogged for 30 minutes. this gotta be the longest entry i ever typed. ok i gotta go immgrations later. ciao!

chloe dropped her ego @ 4/23/2005 07:16:00 AM