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Monday, April 04, 2005

went for dinner and to shop with cindy at bugis yesterday. was walking here and there and couldn't decide what to eat. end up eating chicken rice opp mos burger. then we went on a shopping spreeeeeee!

the first shop that we went to was those accesories shop. and she already bought like 3 things from there? necklace.. ear rings... watch. i only bought a loop ear ring cos i forgot to wear mine out today. i feel funny without my ear rings.. haha! the auntie workin at the shop was very nice. she gave both of us each a free gift. i chose a nail polish.

after which, we went to bugis village to have a walk. changed so much. now got proper shelter and lightings and air ventilation. we were sayin that we missed crc at bugis village. yeah.. the good and the bad times. i finally found my nail glue there! woohoo~

then we went back to bugis starbucks and la kopi. i always say la kopi, but whenever i'm at such coffee joints, i don't drink coffee. so crappy! haha. and i spilled out all the stress i had @ my workplace. then talk talk talk until both of us needs to ans call of nature. then we proceed home.

i swear i will not go bugis on a sunday anymore! the whole stretch of bugis up to lavender mrt are filled with FUCKIN SMELLY BANGALAS & INDIANS! oh my god! my bus stop add a few. and when i got the bus, luckily it was quite empty and the air ventilation was good. but when it comes to the next stop, i almost faint! the whole fucking bus stop is filled with them. literally 1 big fuckin bunch of walking chocolates (i can't find a better and less insulting word to use. sob! chocolates are my favorite!) luckily not much of them got up the bus. then the next one, same situation. this time worse! 1 came to sit beside me. HELPPPPppppppppp! i was msging cindy and both of us were goin thru the same agony. you know what cindy? for once, i think taking cab is a right choice! hahahha

shit! late for work!

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