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Saturday, April 02, 2005

just came back from m.s

couldn't find ka for mahjong, so met up with jia for dinner then followed her to her bf's workplace (which is cheeky monkeys la..)

recently i so stress that i actually bought cig on thu. buey tong. yeah i know stress, pressure are just excuses. but for a smoker, or rather a "trying-to-quit" smoker, its the perfect excuse. might not even tong until end of year. might need a change of environment after i finish my proj. we shall see la huh.. i also dun wanna be the kind who do things halfway and gives up easily. but everything is just so... ARGH! never mind... don't know who shd i confide in.. didn't even know where to start.. where to end. there's just too much details and i'm lazy to think it thru and recite it here. just treat it as i'm demoralised. full stop.

mom and dad not in town. went back msia yesterday. so i gotta settle my own meals and wash my own clothes. and not forgetting to clean up the house!!! luckily i got my magic clean wiper! hehehe! though the whole house belong to me now, but no plans. as usual. its always that when my parents are at home, then i got tiu. zzz timing always damn wrong!

still thinkin if i shd go back msia to get a monash degree and settle down there. naturally the cost of living is lower, and same goes for my pay. but then again, also depends on what kind of job i'm gonna do and what line am i goin into. but there's language barrier. i dunno malay, which means i can't communicate with the majority. z! i'm not really good in cantonese, which means i can't communicate with any normal msian chinese. zz! but i heard msians are starting to communicate in english, which is good news to me! hehehee! still thinking... spore is fuddup!

lastly a pic of me and jia outside CM

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