Chloe's Alter Ego

Saturday, April 09, 2005

another busy and stressful week just passed. work is fine, except for times when my colleagues showed me some attp and i returned them some too. haha!

recently keep losing money in mahjong. i think its a sign to quit man..

mom and dad not back yet cos my another uncle passed away. (the other one who is involved in the property conflict). now that both of them are gone, i guess my dad's troubles will be gone together with them. before he passed away, he handed over all the things that rightfully belonged to my dad plus his and the other uncle's stuff. i always believe that "hao ren will have hao bao" good people will get what they deserve. :)

so i guess thats more pocket money when i go on my KL shopping spree? HEHEHE

shucks. i took 30 bucks from my mom's wallet today. 10 on cig, 20 on mahjong. now i gotta find excuse when she ask me what did i spend on. but i think now that my dad is more at ease, so will my mom be. then they might not nag at me so often liao!
my 2 uncles have made them quite troubled and uptight. my dad says this, my mom says that. end up they quarrel. fuck man. hate it when pple try to break peace in my family.

i miss my mom and dad... hope they'll come back soon. i think i shall be nice and clean up the house tmr. :)

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