Chloe's Alter Ego

Saturday, March 19, 2005

ytd work was super slack. i really mean super slack. other than some auditions, i basically did nothing. cos my ep, pd and ap all not in office. my boss was on leave too. haha! so there's only 3 of us left as the 4th one was on leave to prepare for the chalet. so we just did nothing lah! :P

olinda is cute. very bubbly. quite frenly. me and laura took a pic with her. 3 "bah-bah" face. so funky man!

met bernard after work. fetch me, jes and her bf there. actually jes and bf is supposed to go themselves cos his car cannot fetch too many pple as his suspension is quite low. but i feel bad, so i managed to beg him to allow 1 more person. and i really regret it. thru out the whole journey, i was feel very jittery and guilty. sorry!!! it didn't know it would turned out to be so jia lat.

mahjong session was fine. at least bernard won a lot. so it kinda compensate for the car incident earlier on. i was losing but i managed to recover my loss and won a bit. at the start, my cards were damn nice. i was able to get whatever cards i want. all my cards were more than 5 tai (but they play max 5 only la... sian!) but cannot game cos they like to destroy my cards. 1-2 tai game. SUPER SIAN! i sian until i do 13 yao, and guess what? i managed to ting. my luck was really good, as in my "muo pai" luck. but can't game. at least i was glad it came closed.

here, my 13 yao cards. lack of bei.

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