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Monday, March 07, 2005

yesterday went over to my son's place for mahjong. me, kly, cindy, linx, ling and born. played like almost 10 hours of mahjong. started at 3+, ended ard 11. damn tired. neck aching like hell. play 3 pots. first pot play 10/20 with my kly's sis and sis's bf, lost abt 7 to cindy. second pot play 20/40 with cindy, ling and born. pay back cindy 7 i owe her the previous pot then break even. 3rd pot won 7 bucks. ok la, its not abt the money. more of spending my time and also to catch up with old frens.

on the way home, gastric relapse. breaking into cold sweat again. felt damn giddy and intense nostalgia. kept using my vicks inhaler, if not i think i would have just fainted and puke on the bus. finally i reached my house bus stop. when i got off the bus, felt like i'm floating. can't feel myself walking. when i was on the overhead bridge, i got back that type of feeling i had before i faint. i was damn scared. still in cold sweat.. i faster walk home. i only concentrate on gettin home safely and i did. *Phew*

this is what happens when u got low blood pressure + gastric problems.

today went toa payoh for lunch. daddy (one of our closer part time actors whom we see so often that we call him daddy) treat us to jap food. the one beside CRC. cheap and not nice. no wonder not a lot of people. then i went to look ard for my gym pants. saw quite a few but no time to try it on. supposed to go gym after work but was held up in a meeting with my ep, producer and ap. left office at abt 7. then went toa payoh again with my colleague. finally i can shop freely for my gym pants and managed to buy one. met up with my colleague at mac. saw linx, ling, fish and roti. ysterday saw 2 of them, today see another 2. so coincidental.

maybe wed i shd go gym since i missed out on today's session. my colleague was telling me there's this "instructor" teaching her how to use the machine. actually he is workin at mediacorp too. wed we shall go again!

quit smoking, gear up for exercise. stay healthy! :D

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