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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

yay! yesterday i finally get to eat my favorite caesar's salad @ marche! so funny.. while we were gettin off the cab @ heeren taxi stand, my colleague fell out of the cab, literally. i got off from the left side, she was seatin in the middle. then i heard "ah!" and when i walked over to the curb side, i saw her lying on the road with a awkward pose. omg.. kenna shocked and ask her if she's ok. she keep whining and say very pain, her elbow was scratched and bleeding. seriously we also dunno how she fell out of the cab. luckily the taxi stand was empty, if not damn pai seh sial! then we all started laughing. me and my other colleague suan her all the way until back in the office. still laughing @ her cos she keep whining as she was telling our boss how she fell out. i know i damn bad, but can't help it. the moment she remind me of how she fell out of the cab i start laughing. anyway my boss also laugh at her and say she so clumsy.. last time tripped on a chair, now roll out of a cab. LOL! worst part, she put the blame on both me and my other colleague. blame all the people except herself. haha! buey tahan!

anyway my that colleague, who fell out of the cab, has handed in her resign letter. she's gonna stop on the 2nd of april.. so sad. next time nobody to suan liao. 1 less smoking buddy liao. no clumsiness for me to laugh about liao. :( anyway gonna quit smoking liao. cig expensive sial. left with my last 3 sticks from my last packet of msia ciggies. finish and thats it. i've made up my mind! :)

today after work went gym. first time. work out for abt 45 mins, damn tired. took a cab home. lol! bought a bbq chicken sandwich from this new vending machine @ mediacorp taxi stand. quite nice. happily munching the sandwich as i waited for the cab to come. saw one of our artiste got off a mercs slk. another artiste drove him to the taxi stand. the artiste who was driving the car is zhang yao dong. the shuai ge! hehehe! then the artiste who got off the car often comes to our office and look for my boss one. so we're quite familiar with him, then i made a comment as he got off the car "wah! sit so nice car ah!!" then he said "not mine la! hahaha!" then my colleague look at me (cos the artiste who got off the car is her "ou xiang") hehehehe!

dman tired.. tonite gonna sleep early man. tmr might be goin down to CDC with peanut to book our basic theory. weeee! finally i'm doing something abt my driving license. gambatte!

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