Chloe's Alter Ego

Friday, March 11, 2005

wow.. a week just passed without even realising it!

just came back from dinner with ervin kor. this morning i finally went to CDC to book my BTT. the test date is on 20th of April. gonna start reading up my booklet man. reach office at abt 10.30am. luckily nobody make noise. :P

today was damn tiring. i was in the office till about 8.30 then just nice my AP goin to suntec too, so we shared a cab there.

peanut came mediacorp again today. she finally decided to quit her job @ EQ. quite fucked up actually.. from what i heard. she's gonna continue studying, maybe at SIM. this makes me reconsider taking up my bachelor course again. sighs.. i think i shd just stick to my job and see if there's any good and recognised institue which offers part time mass comm degree.

been a busy week overall. gonna be a busy weekend too. sat there's bowling event @ my club and sunday i have a BBQ at one of my part-timer's house.

and monday, its back to a busy schedule again. tiring but loving it. :)

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