Chloe's Alter Ego

Thursday, March 17, 2005

oh man.. a week is almost over. i'm inching closer and closer to the start of production date. and i still have a few impt yet unconfirmed roles. think i'm gonna get screwed big time. my boss just went on leave, flyin to london for holiday tmr. lucky shit! argh!

tmr olinda is gonna come for audition. heheheh! tmr is gonna be a fun day cos boss not ard. haha! just kidding! though my immediate boss not ard, but my big boss still there to keep an eye on us. dammit! better don't slack at work. i presume i also wouldn't have time to slack. busy day its gonna be.. but after work my unit is goin to a chalet! one of my colleague booked a chalet opp my house with her sis. she took a day off to prepare the food and stuff so me and my other 2 colleagues are gonna join them after work. and... we're gonna play MAHJONG! how cool! first time playin mahjong with my colleagues. yippie!

decided to postpone my KL trip next week. wait till the labour day long weekend in may. sat, sun, mon. already discussed with my bro. now not a safe period to go get our of spore cos my project is still in the preparation period ie. crucial! so i'm gonna wait till may... KL HERE I COME!

just now i saw on tv, a place which serves CARAMEL BUTTERSCOTCH FONDUE! shiokkkkkk! i'm gonna go there when i get my pay next week. they serve the fondue with bananas, strawberries and many other goodies. bet its not gonna be cheap cos the cafe is at esplanade (yeah, the "high-class, artsy" place) and all the furnitures and decors in the cafe are imported from venice. they serve irish bailey cakes too! dipped in a special sauce mixed with baileys! my gawd!!! i can feel my saliva dripping... haha! surely gonna go next weekend! most prolly a meal there is gonna caused a hole in my wallet but HECK MAN! CARAMEL BUTTERSCOTCH FONDUE! who can resist? definitely not me!

tonite i'm gonna dream of cheese fondue, chocolate fondue and carama butterscotch fondue........ YUMMEH!

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