Chloe's Alter Ego

Saturday, March 05, 2005

just came back from chinablack. so tired... music not bad, had improvement since last time. now it feels more like phuture. saw some familiar faces ard.

was msging my poor colleague. she was stuck @ dinner with my ep and my boss and some production pple from her show from 7.30pm all the way until 11.30pm. haha!

diane and gang goin mustafa.. goin to shop for electronics and household appliances at such ungodly hour. jio me along somemore. lol! too tired to go shoppin la..

gonna go catch some sleep. tmr most prolly gonna go bowling. sunday maybe goin to be lightbulb. hahz!

i miss mahjong. good nite!

p/s: oh and guess what! i just received an email from singnet tellin me they've upgraded my 256 to 512 for free!!! weee! how smart of me to downgrade my plan from 512 to 256 that time.. and now i get back the same speed at a lower price :P

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