Chloe's Alter Ego

Monday, February 28, 2005

yesterday met cindy for some bitchin' session @ parkway. haha! then we met bro and his gf there. so coincidental! we were just talkin abt him. next time cannot speak of the devil liao. so "xie men"! lolz!

today went for lunch @ cine. then went laura's place to get some stuff and went back office. qiuyi and me sat down below her block and we discussed quite a lot abt our workin environment. i got to know a lot of things and i think i must be really mentally and physically prepared for my upcoming project. boss spoke to me and laura today. she asked laura to help me along cos my project is really gonna be a tough one. i think this weekend must go temple "bai bai" pray that everything will go thru smoothly.

finally jes and me decide to go gym! haha! tmr we shall discuss the details @ work and if everythin works out, we might be goin on wed. what she suggest was to sacrifice part of our lunchtime so that we can get off a bit earlier from work and go gym. good idea! lookin forward to my new lifestyle!

suddenly everythin seems to fall in place. life doesn't seem so dead and boring anymore.


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