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Saturday, February 26, 2005

wah shiokkk! i just woke up! first time i slept from morning to evening. maybe becos it was raining heavily when i was raining. damn shiok!

last nite yanie and diane and the marine parade gang was here. played mahjong from 11 to 7. been soooo long since i had a proper mahjong session man! they were always destroyed cos can't find the 4th person. but finally i get to play last nite. good things are worth waiting for! hehe

actually yesterday i went off from work at 11am. stomach pain! i thought it was just some normal stomachache which i used to have once in a while. but it was so pain i was breaking into cold sweat. requested to go see a doc. when i finally went off at 11am, my stomach not that pain liao. so i told my mom i goin to informatics campus at ju-fucking-rong to collect my cert first before meetin her at the polyclinic near my house.

as usual, thames is fucked up. collected my adv dip cert. ask me to go another block to collect my higher dip cert becos they said the higher dip cert was ready for collection more than 6 months ago. ok nvm, i go another block. can't find my way cos there's no signs or whatever so i just ask around. finally i got to the place and i asked a guy (who happens to be on the sales side) and he say i shd collect it at where i got my adv dip cert. i was like wtf? he made a phonecall to whoever and ask me to wait. so i wait.. and wait.. finally a nice little indian lady came down and pass me my higher dip cert. *phew* was so glad..

met my parents at parkway. took 197 from ju-fucking-rong. SIT UNTIL MY BUTT PAIN CAN? seriously.. 1 hour 10 mins. slept on the bus. first time i slept on the bus and wake up so energetic. haha! cos sleep too long liao.

came home, wanted to play mahjong earlier one but yanie they all still sleepin cos they played the previous nite too. so waited until 11 then play lor.

kaoz! i just realised i slept my saturday away! zzz

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