Chloe's Alter Ego

Thursday, October 21, 2004

tireddddddddddddd! tired tired tired!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats what i've been for the past 2 days.
last nite met up with kor, ken and quan, walked to catch a show but apparently there isn't any movies interesting enough for us to spend our bucks on. me and ken went over to kor's house, and i went to work the following day from there. i was 40 mins late for work. oops! luckily nobody said anything.. haha!
i got my own mediacorp email!! but the userid is my chinese name.. so i'm not gonna give it out except to my part timers. wahahhaa!

just came back from scott's place. was having a cheese fondue party over at his place. his gf and kenneth (grandmaster) were there together with 2 of his other frens. me and kor went over for awhile, played some games and left. that sums up my tiring day..

today tammy came for audition. at first i didn't thought much of the name "tammy" in my audition list. but when she came, i was quite surprised to see that its the tammy that i've known from cs. and she was late for 1 hour for her audition so i had to stay back to audition her. anyway wasn't in a rush, so wasn't that bad. she felt bad for making me stay back becos of her. :P

ok i've just finish my cig, so i'm gonna go to bed now and catch up with some sleep. gd nitey peeps!

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