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Thursday, September 02, 2004

today was good! very good in fact.. :) my last day of work at cerebos. brought home a few bottles of essence of chicken for my mom, i dun really like them anyway.. funny taste. haha! and got a free polo tee cos they were doin roadshow and i was helping out. hey! i got to talk to the cute guy who sat at the desk beside me. i was left alone from 2-5pm to look after the stock while the rest of them went back office to continue with their work, then the cute guy came down to check on some stock and talked to me for awhile. then got this china lady came and wanted to buy some stuff but we were closed. so i told her to come back at 5 again. she was workin at the restaurant behind our stall. since she looked quite free, i asked her to help me do a survey and she can get a free bottle of essence of chicken. so i talked to her and asked her some questions in chinese. the bloody questionaire is in english so i hafta translate. luckily my chinese is not that bad lor! hahaha! so when i was talkin to her, the guy stood there. after the lady finished with the survey and went off, i looked at the guy and asked him if the stock was correct, then he say yes. then i asked him why he stand there for so long? he say he help me look after the stuff since i was talkin to customer. lol~ he's so cute lor. i was just standin in front of the stock, nobody could possibly take anythin which is placed right under my nose mah.. then he say "u very bubbly hor? hehe" omg.. *blush* :P


ok, stop being bitchy. STOP LAUGHING! .....


ok, serious! tomorrow gonna start my work at mediacorp. so excited! (despite of all the negative comments i've been hearing about mediacorp) at least its my first step.. gotta leave a good impression :) i will give my best! just now went parkway with mummy to check out on some stuff (yes that includes a new phone) bought a pair of earrings, so sweet. got a lot of stars. then bought some gummy bears to "bribe" my collegues tomorrow! lol~

eh suddenly i feel damn sleepy. ok, go sleep! gd nite! *grins* sweet dreams~~~

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