Chloe's Alter Ego

Thursday, August 05, 2004

yo yooooo~ ok i'm damn bored. i studied like a chapter? and i dun feel like studyin anymore. i dunno why but exams haven been much of a pressure in my life anymore. yeah, at least not until i think i'm gonna flunk it! wahahahaha~

oh miss peh xinyi finally got herself a blog. so i could actually have a peek into her life everytime i got the time to. and who say nobody would be interested except for ur bf? lol~ so honoured to have u putting my blog link right on top!!!! yeah, and i was tellin my frens not to link me....... lol~ nvm la, there's no more pple for me to backstab in my blog, so feel free to link me from now on. LOL~ when i have new pple to talk abt in my blog, i'll change my address. *laugh evilly*

ok i'm bad. no i'm not. there u go, a typical paranoid saggitarius. *beams* sometimes when pple talk about u, there gotta be a reason. pple dun talk abt u out of nothing.. there must be something u've done or special about u, that pple are interested in. teeheehee~ :P okay, i think i'm crapping. i've been thinkin about my mahjong set. where should i buy it... which design... i've think i shall go chinatown to check out the prices and design then go toa payoh cuz i think most prolly i'll get it at toa payoh.

ok dinner time! still thinkin whether to go nich's house to play doom3 tonite. i wanna eat chocolates~~~~ but i have some work to catch up on. or maybe i could bring my books over? OH BOY! i'm sooooooooooo smart! CYA PEEPS~ love ya all! *muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacks*

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