Chloe's Alter Ego

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

sometimes when i think about it, i feel somehow a loser. yeah.. don't ask me why. maybe its just me.. my expectations are considered quite high. if u want me to be nice to you, i would expect u to do the same if not more. maybe thats why someone ever told me that i've lost a lot of frens cos i do not bother to keep those who just take me for granted. define take me for granted? i don't think u wanna know. haha! cos u'll probably disqualify straight away if u read it. but seriously, i have different expectations from different people, cos the degree they have an impact in my life differs. oh well, so much for frens. i don't really wanna think about it. like what most of them have been doing, call me only when u need me bah. *shrugs*

yesterday went to city hall area to accompany heng buy boots, then went funan to look for miss fujitsu ah lian for awhile. caught up with her for a few minutes during her smoke break. seems like she's quite bored of her life right now. everyday work, weekend chiong, then go back to work. it did sound quite boring. then we went to sim lim area to see mahjong set. i found a mahjong "boutique" at the bencoolen. got so many colors of mahjong set. very nice.. i found this blue one which cost 60 bucks. i think i'm goin back next week to buy! :P they got so many different sizes of mahjong tiles. very interesting shop.
yeah then went parklane play arcade which follows by ktv at kbox executive at orchard, where we met up with grizel and her fren. omg, kbox have f.i.r's new songs. i was so excited! lol! sounded like a small kid. anyway i sang all those new songs which i don't have at home. and its time to start looking and downloading them at home.

oh yeah, i'll be joining WCG! yeah! just joining for the sake of gettin the t-shirt only.. hope its gonna be a nice one. hehehehe :D ok my pizza is ready and waiting for me to sink my teeth into them. after breakfast, its time to start revision on my feature writing paper on sat.

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