Chloe's Alter Ego

Monday, August 30, 2004

i've been reading thru my blog archives. i realised so much have happened, and it hasn't even been a year. i've been thru the reunion of my old frens (griz jie, barlow kor and peeps), followed by the crazy clubbin days with them (not forgetting the many scandals :P), then the crazy mahjong days.. and not forgetting some painful as well as happy memories. the people that come and go, as well as those who stayed in my life (thank god for them).. i realised, whenever i indulged in a particular activity, for eg. clubbin or mahjong, its always about making sure i'm occupied 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 30 days a month.. and its always about trying to forget that someone. thinkin back, i felt stupid. yeah, like.. duh! how immature can i get? so what if u lose that someone, it only shows that destiny has decided that both of u are not meant for each other, and fate will bring u to that person, the one that u're gonna spend, most prolly, ur life with.. he might be the same one, or might be a different person.. or maybe that person has already appeared in your life, and is just waiting for you to go realise his existence, go discover him. time will tell... *shrugs* i've learnt to see, to accept and to let go as easily as i picked them up. its much better this way. and i couldn't have been happier.

seriously, i have no idea why am i so emotional today. i mean writing these and stuff.. haha! maybe its just part of the growing up stage, which i should have done so a few years back. but better late than never! :)

tmr i'm gonna start work. yeah! just a temp job to kill time and earn some quick bucks while i continue my search for THE job. gotta be there by 8.30am, i guessed i better turn in now. gd nite people! may sweet dreams awaits you!

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