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Tuesday, August 03, 2004


yeah yeah~ doom 3 is in singapore! but i've decided to download it cuz i've received a few feedbacks that its not up to expectation. maybe the hype about it was too high and pple tend to put their expectations higher.. *shrugs*

tomorrow is the sneak preview of M. Night Shyamalan's The Village! boy do i love his movies! the 6th sense... the signs... unbreakable.. and he's an Indian. yeah, he managed to break thru Hollywood instead of Bollywood. lol~

last night i started on my revision and realised things are not as bad as what i deemed them to be. i'm already halfway thru revision for my paper this sat. kekeke! so tmr i still can spare some time to go sim lim to get my cheque and catch the village. last night zac came online to tell me that wilson didn't contribute cpf for my last pay.. so i must go down and collect the amount supposed to be given to cpf. duh duh! but never mind la.. at least i got some spare cash.. should i buy a new psu or should i buy my mahjong set? wahahhaha! i was thinkin of buy the psu with my borneo motors pay.. mahjong set maybe this weekend i'll go get it. hehehehe! hope my dad can sponsor a bit :P

okie.. my sis just asked me if i wanna mj tonite. same pple? 3 ka? i scared liao!! still owe 30 bucks.. kns! at least play 4 ka more safe.. wouldn't bo tai bo ji lose 24 bucks within 10 minutes.. lol~

time for tv!

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