Chloe's Alter Ego

Thursday, July 08, 2004

oh my! i actually forgot to blog yesterday! haha! i guessed i was too engrossed in my new game.. its a mmorpg game, Fairyland. a taiwan game but they had servers in malaysia for the malaysia and local players. the characters are very cute and its a bit like final fantasy with all the battles and stuff. bloody steam couldn't update my cs, so i had to find alternatives.
went to class today too.. cos i hafta hand in my project. been a long time since i've seen yen, yanie and shel.. it was practically raining the whole day and the weather is so cooling now. best for sleeping! actually i'm fishing now in my game.. waiting for my character to catch 5 fishes and complete a quest. this is so fun! but seriously, if u're not a kid and u're not a girl, this game is not recommended for you cos u'll just find it very kiddie and girlie :P
okie! back to my game!

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