Chloe's Alter Ego

Monday, July 05, 2004

just came back from bugis. went with my mom to meet my cousin and her husband and her husband's relatives. aiyah very confusing la. anyway we went shopping, she bought quite a lot of stuff. my mom bought for me a pink knitted top, very sweet. :)
i wanted to go over plaza to collect my cheque but i think zac wasn't in the office. he said he would let me know later what time he will be back in the office but i was too tired to wait, so i went home first.
in the morning before i went to bugis, i was in quite a rush and i accidentally sliced my razor blade across my thumb. blood gushed out like a broken dam. i can't stand the sight of blood, it makes my legs like jelly and i will feel faint.. maybe its just me. i had phobia of fresh red blood since i was young. everytime i go for blood test, i surely faint.
suddenly i feel i have a slight problem which i don't think i would be able to handle it well. do u have frens who only call u when they need u and when u need them, they are nowhere to be found? initially i thought i don't. but now i think i do. i realised, over these few years, whenever my frens asked me out or need a favour from me, i'll always say yes. but when i need them to accompany me or a favour from them, i get negative answer or no answer at all. i think i should learn to say no from today onwards. all these are making me so sick.
i smell the taiwan sausages cooking in the kitchen! its dinner + tv time~

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