Chloe's Alter Ego

Saturday, July 31, 2004

hello bloggie! tmr i'm gonna start work.. actually its in 10 hours' time.. and waddafuck am i still doing here? hahahahaha!
i just finished playing cs with nich on a LOSER server! yeahhhhhhhhh! been a long time since i was provoked in cs. wahahhaha! oh man.. starhub server is real fucked up. its the admin who made it this way. *shrugs* anyway, its just a game. i spray and lol when the admin spoke to me, then they treat it as disrespectful. maybe they should get their facts right! LOL! being an admin doesn't make u deserve more respect. u just have more authority! rofl! singaporean kids noadays.. tsk tsk tsk!
today i met kenneth. he looks so tired.. poor baby.. but he's damn happy with the disc i burnt for him cos he can finally play his sg at home. oh yeah, sue! u should know who kenneth is, cos he knows who u are. he told me u and him were from the same sg clan? i think so.. haha! memory getting worse liao.
oops! today i bought a pack of cig and smoked in front of him. luckily he never say anythin.. i told him i was quite stressed about my upcoming exam. yeah.. since WHEN is jasmine stress over exam right? i am cuz this is my last 2 papers. and i have to pass them. hopefully i can be like my past papers.. bless me!
was walkin past singtel hello shop today and saw 7610. it seemed to be waving at me.. asking me to bring it back home! okay.. time to start saving up! but before that, i better have 100 bucks put aside to buy my new psu.. thanks to nich who told me his fren's comp died becos of his lousy icute psu. THANKS LEH! now i have to aim for antec or veradium psu which cost near to a 100 bucks. piang.. can buy 2 mahjong sets liao!
ok better go sleep.. if not tmr wouldn't look pretty for first day of work. muahahahhahaha!

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