Chloe's Alter Ego

Saturday, July 03, 2004

finally!! my long awaited return! muahahahaha! yeah, my comp is up and running and better than before. wanna take a peep at my specs? here you go!

[os: Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 1 (5.1 - 2600) installed: 15h 32m 24s][uptime: 33m 45s record: 3hrs 47mins 50secs]
[cpu: 2-Intel Pentium 4, 2800MHz, 512KB (7% Load)]
[disk: C:\ (51.91GB Free, 57.27GB Total), D:\ (31.20GB Free, 76.33GB Total)]
[ram: 323/512MB (63.09%) (||||||----)]
[screen: 1024x768 32bit 85Hz]
[gfx: NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X]
[network: #1 (WAN (PPP/SLIP) Interface (3Mb/s) 26.12MB In, 0.79MB Out)]

that's abt it. would be updating blog more often now. thanks to my nicest bro, jamie for helping me fix my comp thru out the night!

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