Chloe's Alter Ego

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

van helsing is a good show. hugh jackman is seriously a hunk! *weeet!* today's mahjong session was screwed up, thanks to some conflicts. argh!? hais.. why is inter-personal relationship so complicating.. home alone when my parents are out of town. why does it always end up this way? when my parents are in town, there will be plenty of things for me to do. but when they're not, there seemed to be NOTHING! oh gosh.. but nvm, at least nobody will nag at me to sleep early and i just bought myself a packet of cigarettes to console myself. :) i decided not to buy the stripe polo tee i saw at plaza sing cos i realised i have a lot of polo tees already. all from gaming and from the companies i worked for. haha! i can do without one. yea, i'm still trying to console myself cos my mom refused to pay for that top. ok, enuff said! not buying means not buying! i must resist temptations.
i got this feeling tmr will be a boring day again. still considering if i should go cheeky monkeys with jia. maybe i should. hopefully i get to play mahjong in the day, then at night go clubbing, to make up for the time i wasted tonite. hahaha!
oh yea, yesterday i went his house. damn! i never predicted that i will get a 2nd fling with the same guy 5 years later. what is my world becoming to? his "watch dvd" is a hoax. just like my last fling which was a few months back. the last dvd i watched was wishing stairs, and yesterday was stuck on you. why do guys love using "watchin movie" as an excuse? i guessed all guys have dvd players in their room. yeah? HAHA! losers... seriously i think i'm losing hope in all guys. this is gettin bad to worse.. anyway i shall not go into details what we did.. i was tellin jia i can see myself gettin into more of these stuff until maybe i come out to work, or when a real guy comes along. till then, i'll just continue flings with no feelings. this way i wouldn't get hurt nor disappointed. seriously, i think i sound like a slut. but i ain't giving what they wanted. doesn't that sounds fun? so near yet so far... lol! i think i'm gettin out of point. time to take a bath and look for stuff to kill time.

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