Chloe's Alter Ego

Thursday, May 27, 2004

the day after tomorrow is seriously a good show! i love the graphics and the music makes me wanna cry.. lol! went to watch it with jamie, cindy and shifu. today shifu mass bully me as usual, so i mass pinch him as a double usual. duh! after show we went geylang to eat beef horfun. very nice!! black pepper.. omg! my favorite.. budden i wasn't feelin very well. stomach was kinda bloated. arghh!
before i went to meet them, i was kinda in a rush. everytime suddenly like screwed up. just when i was preparing to leave the house, my phone ring so many times. i almost wanted to off it. i'm already late, and the phone calls made things worse. when i finally reach the office, boy was i glad.. talked to zac awhile, grab my cig and my remaining super ring from my drawer then we proceed to suntec to find shifu. he say we're supposed to meet at 7 lor.. then he took a cab there. when he was on the cab, he called me and i haven't even reach kallang yet. dohh!! before he got on the cab and call me i was already tryin to get prepared (regardless of the constant incoming calls) then end up miscommunication.. arghh! den he took it as a chance to suan me again. sometimes i think my limits were really stretched.. but i dunno why i just couldn't really get angry.. but anyway, its a good thing :) but he really pissed me off yesterday la.. saw something which wasn't pleasing to my eyes in some #, then i decided to pban that guy. at the same time i was chattin with shifu on msn, and tryin to install cz but there was an error prompt halfway. i tot my comp was screwed again (apparently it still is...). i was readin the error to shifu, and he was singing. feel like talkin to wall... and i hate that. lol! anyway i apologised before i went to slp.. i wanted to be angry for awhile more, but dunno why i couldn't..yet again. this is gettin so frustrating..
my stomach is still bloated. i think i shall smoke 1 more stick and go to slp. tomorrow have to go for product training and i haven't figure out how to go to the office. dammit!

chloe dropped her ego @ 5/27/2004 01:42:00 AM