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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

went clubbin last nite. boring monday night man... luckily the night ended off quite well. in the afternoon, peanut came over my place to copy some notes and sing ktv. sing halfway, my parents suddenly came back. heng i wasn't smoking.. i was preparing to light up a cig liao. then i faster go empty the ashtray, dunno if my mom saw. haha! peanut just smoked finish, so there was cig smell, i'm sure they got smell la.. but not i smoke one, so they also cannot say anythin. :P
i went out at abt 8 to meet jia, peanut went off together with me. when i reach orchard, jia reach at the same time. we were planning to go chinablack, but realised that it wasn't open when we reached there. dammit!
we went over to sultan. wanted to try madam wong. but i was quite hungry, so we went to grab some food. i ordered a butter prata, and when the order came, i got the shock of my life. it was damn big, and crispy. and i feel damn cheated cos that bloody prata cost me $3.50... nice one! i thought it would be a normal prata. arghh!
after that we went over to madam wong cos it looks most crowded among the other clubs along sultan. indeed, the first section was quite crowded, but the second and third section was empty. they were playin mambo.. duh! and the drinks there so freakin ex.. machiam zouk... anyway it was quite boring cos so many uncles there. ZzZ.. we went off, went into cheeky monkeys, the music rocks man! there weren't a lot of pple though. and we were the only girls there other than the lady boss and a lady bartender. after awhile, the music kinda sucks already. they didn't blast the music and dim the lights so both of us weren't in the mood to dance. suddenly the bartender hand us 2 shooters, with compliments from the 2 ang mor sitting beside us. woo~ quite a funky drink, with a even funkier name - brain hammerage. cool uh? the shooter look a bit like brain. it includes some funny alcohol name which i've forgotten, peach scrubs and cherry syrup. really cool! should try it when u have a chance to. anyway the after taste of the shooter tasted somethin close to puke. hahahahahaha!
i was gettin bored. so jia suggested we go over to club 3 since i so gian techno. club 3 wasn't as empty as i expected it to be. 2 groups of ah bengs shouting gang cheers. tiew~! but the techno rocks. i started dancing once i stepped into the club. hahahahaha! all my favorite techno.. move for freedom.. smoke machine.. crazy baby.. walking in the sun.. FWAHAHAHAHA! so happy! then my mom called in the middle of my favorite smoke machine. damn spoiler! i ushered jia to get out of the club cos the bass was too loud, couldn't hear anythin at all. when i got outside i realised it was my mom who called. nagged a bit.. then i pacify her a bit then we went over 7-11 to buy some drinks. seriously, i was perspiring like a pig and tryin to catch my breath when i came out of club 3. mass exercise man!
we walked past cheeky monkeys again and decided to go di siao the bouncer. he look a bit like the rock. hahaha! not bad lar.. quite cute. but not my type. then we started chatting.. like almost anythin under the sun. talked abt prostitues, geylang, trans, other clubs, school, blah blah blah... then me and jia acted as door bitches for awhile. LOL! one guy came over and invited us to his table cos his fren, whom he claimed was a upcoming pro golfer, was celebrating his birthday and there weren't any girls ard, except for us. so we went over say hi and happy bday to him. danced a bit, then went back to our door bitch position. LOL! talked to the bouncer and the bartender there for awhile then we went off.
went changi to see bapoks lor.. DUH! hahahaha. i saw the sexy bapok that i saw when i went there for seafood with my parents the other time. mwahahha! she/he still wearing the same top lor.. we wanted to eat nasi lemak, but close liao. went over to the coffee shop and ate duck rice. and talked a bit, then went home.
hais.. must start studying liao.. no more clubbin for me until next wed.

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