Chloe's Alter Ego

Thursday, March 18, 2004

wow! today is mass club hoppin day @ sultan. lol! firstly its O bar, then its Coyote Ugly, then Wu Bar and lastly Rush before we head on down to zouk. O bar was ok, and so it Coyote Ugly.. enjoyed a bit of bar top dancing. then we went to Wu Bar, the music is ok, ambience is cool but there was no crowd at that time.. it was abt 11.30.. darn! then we went Rush just to satisfy my craving for techno. also empty. lol! i think it was too early then. wanted to go madam wong but i think jia cannot go in.. dbl-o having long queue, but i have bad experience with dbl-o's music on a wed. sucks to the core... zZ
anyway zouk was damn crowded, saw some familiar faces here and there (as usual).. jia suddenly bad mood, i kenna shocked.. try to coax her.. she wanted to go phuture alone.. i was like -.-... that time almost wanna cry sial.. :anyway after that she was alright, dance a bit at zouk then we went over to phuture. the music rawks! at least better than mambo. duh! when i just reached zouk, he msg me sayin he at madam wong. zZz..... no fate lor.. wtd..
after clubbin we went chinatown for supper.. then went home. so sweet of her to send me home.. haha! oh well.. i think this shall be my last time clubbing for the next month or so.. shall concentrate on my studies..
anyway, today got a bit of lecture from my boss.. duh! nvm.. shall not elaborate on it. wasn't very pleased abt the comparison he made.
i think this is quite a bit for an "after-clubbing" blog.. shall stop here. nites whoever is still alive now.

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