Chloe's Alter Ego

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

this week is definitely one of the most fucked up week in my entire life. i cried twice at work and once at home. today i finally quitted my job. i got scolded for asking for a double confirmation of a product. and somemore in front of so many customer, including a dealer. i think the people opposite also heard. i wanted to just keep quiet and forget abt it, but he went on saying if i wanna throw my temper around, do it outside the shop or go home. i didn't even lose my temper in the first place. bloody hell... he's just picking on me. everytime he would indirectly insult me and he would talk like he knows everything. he also talk to some customer like that.. so what if he's the boss's brother? if i did anything wrong or offend any customer, i tio scolded its ok. but today i never do anythin wrong, and i was insulted in front of so many people. when i reached funan, i called his older brother (the manager of the shop) and told him about it and informing him that i've decided to stop working. then he say he will sort it out and get his brother to apologise. no thanks lor.. i mean what for? you know he's picking on me, if there's this time, there would definitely be a second time. and when the manager is off, i would still hafta work with him. and if this kind of incident happen again, who am i supposed to look for? he keep persuading me to work until the end of the month but i told him i dunno how to face the people there. he say customers dun come back everyday, but everything is not the same anymore.. i know when i go out and work, surely got such things happen.. or maybe even worse. but what for, for a miserable pay of $800 (excluding CPF), tolerate this kind of nonsense? then at night, after the funan event, i msg-ed the manager again asking him if he still need me to work tomorrow, he say its just a small matter, forget abt it and continue working. easier said than be done. try being in my spot. and i still insisted that i don't wanna work anymore, he say that i ask wrong question at wrong time.. this is one very bad thing about working in a family business. everyone is a boss. but not everyone is like the younger brother. the rest treats me well.. all it takes is just 1 bag egg.
and when i got home, i broke the news to my parents. my mom ask how come.. i just briefly tell her, and my dad had those kind of "i knew it" kind of face which u will feel like slapping when u see it. i swear! and i said "dun give me that kind of look, i know what u're thinking. i'm already fed up enough" must give them a warning first.. before they try to start another war.
oh well.. thinking on the bright side. i am able to concentrate on my last 3 weeks of catching up with my studies and also late night mahjong sessions during the weekend and also clubbing once in a while. gonna find another job soon, or maybe do some business venture with zac. he also can't stand working for the same company becos of the bastard whose table is beside his in the office. and he knows what kind of person the younger brother is, but he warned me too late. things have already happened.
oh yeah, today we played with gbr for 1 side. as usual, we lost. then we play with seraphim but one of their player is sub by spidergal.. we won! yay! haha! i play with them i suddenly super on form.. denise also.. lols.. we were presented with a token of appreciation for being there (becos i was requested to go find back my old Pf to be there as special appearance and played a few special match), a goodie bag consisting of condition zero and a brand new func surface. ALRIGHT! and some other goodies like calender.. stickers and poster. then me and jayceline and pris and their bfs and steps and zac went for a mini reunion at coffeebean. at least my day ended quite alright. might be working with jieling for a upcoming fujitsu roadshow. we'll see about that.

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