Chloe's Alter Ego

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

my day is spoilt. yes! right from the beginning of the day. i woke up at 6.40am feeling damn pissed cos i couldn't go back to sleep again and i was sneezing my head off. i went into my comp room and decide to burn some cds. not long after my mother wake up and keep asking me stupid question. REAL DUMB QUESTIONS i feel like slapping her. example? yeah, she ask me if i want bread for breakfast. last nite i told her i want to eat bread with nutella. and now she's asking again. to answer her dumb question i give her a even dumber answer. i say i will cook my own maggie mee. and she ask me what about the bread? i was like "WHAT U MEAN WHAT ABT THE BREAD?" can't she just leave it or she can eat it or eat tomorrow? u mean bread can only last 1 day?! what the fuck man! i hate it when pple nag at me early in the morning. ESPECIALLY WHEN I HAVE NOT BLOODY NOT ENOUGH SLEEP! and when i was cooking maggie mee, my dad came in and nag. i forgot to off the fire. actually i didn't forget.. just that i wanted to pour away the water then i off the fire. and my mother shouted across the kitchen to remind me i forget to off the fire. and guess what? this sets my dad's mouth rambling away again. and i made a tsk sound and my dad suddenly rush towards me and shouted into my ears. and the war broke out. i was so pissed i was crying. i didn't even shout at anyone. he thinks that my attitude is bad. yeah, so what? who doesn't have an attitude? i've been coping my temper well nowadays unless really fucked up things happen. stress at work.. stress in school.. now they are giving me problems at home. sometimes i wonder why i even exist..
i went to my front door and sat at one corner to eat cos my dad threaten me and dun allow me to eat in my room. he even blocked my way. i couldn't hold it any longer, i shouted at him telling him that i have no fucking intention to go to my room to eat. when i was eating at one corner, my mom came and say "very pitiful hor?" SHE'S ONE DAMN BLOODY MOTHERFUCKER. can't she just bloody fucking leave me alone? i really bth, i shouted at her to fuck off and leave me alone. I already trying to get out of the arguement and there she is trying to add oil to the fire. sometimes i wonder if my grandparents gave her any brains. i was in such a bad mood i didn't even finish my breakfast. i was just trying to get it over and done with. then i went into my room and smoke and now writing this. and i was thinking if i should just move out..

if you can't stand the way i talked about my parents, i'm sorry. there's nothing i can do, and there's nothing YOU can do. read it and know it or just fuck off. i'm not in any mood to listen to any goody goody talk about how i should respect my parents. wait till they learn to fucking respect me, then we shall talk about it. and this is my bloody blog. i shall write what i feel like. and to anyone who think they are gonna pissed me off today, this is a warning to you. i am gonna explode anytime.

chloe dropped her ego @ 3/23/2004 08:34:00 AM