Chloe's Alter Ego

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

damn busy day.. hafta settle the igames thingy.. hafta worry abt my econs assignment... heard so many gossip abt sch today.. arghh! now i haven't manage to find my full team yet and i haven't start on my bloody econs assignment. well.. at least i'm lookin forward to tomoro cuz its CLUBBIN' TIME! awwwright!

today is a "get-to-know-pple" day. firstly, i got to know silentscope. ok, as in we sms each other, becos of the igames thingy. the next person i get to know is phyllis from igames, and then a lady from Embassy called me up and asked me if i'm turning up for the Embassy Queen event tonite and i got a shock cos its too last minute. but she told me that she sent an email to me on friday informing me abt the event. apparently i did not receive it. anyway today is only the semi-finals. she asked me if i wanna go for the finals which would be next tuesday and of course i wouldn't miss the chance. and the best part? i could sign 2 guests in! so start being nice to me and i'll consider bringing u there. :D and lastly, when i was on my way to the bus to at hotel rendezvous, i didn't realised a guy followed me all the way to the bus stop cos i was on the phone with jia. when i reach the bus stop, the guy tapped me on my shoulder and started talking to me, saying that he followed me all the way and he kept saying "cool babe". he intro him self, i forgot his name though.. but i remember he said he was from Jamaica and he grew up in Netherlands, and he come to Singapore to play soccer becos he was invited and might sign a contract to play for Tampines Rovers. -.- S-league.. anyway my bus came and i left without leaving any contact number. mummy tell me not to anyhow talk to strangers. LOL!

yeah yeah.. thats abt all. i gotta settle my gal team stuff.. and get started on my econs assignment. boringgggg! but tmr will be happeninggggg~

chloe dropped her ego @ 3/09/2004 09:41:00 PM