Chloe's Alter Ego

Sunday, February 01, 2004

i was blogging just now when my comp hanged on me. my whole chunk of typing was gone. grrr! i'm too tired to type everything all over again, so i shall just give the overview.
3.30pm : Meet heng at SLS, then went Bugis for a walk. met up with mel, tiff and lg for a short while. then we went to meet fish and proceed on to Orchard.
5.30pm : Meet annie at mrt and had dinner before going to the streets of Orchard to scan for a place with the best view of the Chingay celebrations.
8pm : Chingay started and we saw Jackie Chan. annie was hoping to capture a shot of him so we sort of "chased" him from Taka to Le Meridien Hotel, however i think she did not took a very clear shot of him. First time in my life i ever "chased" an idol. Sounds stupid, but its fun. :)
9.30pm : Reach Suntec. annie and fish bought cross trainers at some sports sale, then we met up with jie and some of the serangoon people.
11pm : Reach prata shop after coming over from heng's house.
12am - 8.30am : MAHJONG!!! my beginner's luck was good. :)
8.30am : went for breakfast with family. guess what? had prata yet again.. this time at upper thomson road. sheesh.. bring back some memories when i passed by that stretch of road.
10am : went to nearby pierce reservoir.. teasing monkeys on our way there. haha!
11am : went to the NEWater factory and toured around. my dad don't dare to drink NEWater.. so what if its sewage water? if it's not drinkable, then it wouldn't be approved by MOH and World Health Organisation right? anyway it taste just like normal water what.. duhs!
12.30pm : KNOCK-OUT!!
6pm : woke up cos was too hungry.. had dinner and i managed to fix my comp and now it doesn't hang anymore! yeah~
Now : time for some games !

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