Chloe's Alter Ego

Saturday, February 28, 2004

aiyoo my legs are gonna break anytime man.. just came back from town. met heng at prata shop for dinner, then went parklane arcade. same old sat plan. but today i never watch movie with them, cos i thought they watching timeline.. INSTEAD! they watching bigfish.. grrrr! but nvm, i no money to take cab home after the show anyway.. haha! sighs.. didn't get to eat my stingray today.
saw baoxin and i forget his name when we were walking towards plaza sing. she still look da same even though i didn't see her ever since we graduated from chung cheng. tired tired... tmr is boss' off day! weee! me and jimmy can fight for the comp to play game liao. i shall bring my mxsqy there to install and play. mwahhaahhahaha!

chloe dropped her ego @ 2/28/2004 11:57:00 PM