Chloe's Alter Ego

Monday, December 08, 2003

without realising it, i've been living in this world for almost 21 years.. an age almost anyone is yearning for.. and for me, its just less than 24 hours away. don't ask me what's my bday wish cuz i really have no idea. there's too much i want yet nothing at the same time. paranoid yeah? hur... i think this gotta be one of my suckiest bday cuz it clashes with my exam and its the first time it ever did. oh well.. maybe something good might come out of it, who knows? life is full of surprises ain't it? (there's bad ones too..) *cross my fingers*

last day for me to do some last minute revision. l8erz!

chloe dropped her ego @ 12/08/2003 12:21:00 PM