Chloe's Alter Ego

Thursday, October 30, 2003

weeee~ just came back from zouk. saw this cute guy on the dance platform.. *drools* happen to be bubble's friend. saw bubbles esther janlex and their fren there. share cab home with them. smoke first time go clubbing, not bad for a first timer *winks* learning all the hand signs at mambo can be fun.. but just not my type. saw archer there too.
finally at 2am we went to phuture. whats with hindi hip hop songs nowadays...? go shanghai sally i hear them, go phuture i still hear them. hmmm new trend to be taken note off. haha!

saw this bapok there.. dancing.. entertaining the crowd at the dance floor. everyone's attention was like focus on him. omg he's just so damn hilarious. all of us can't help laughin and cheering for him. maybe sat go techno. mwahahhahaha. friday got halloween party.

before that i went to meet silvia.. she going hong kong for holiday so i pass her my camera. talked quite a bit, do some catching up.. been months since i last saw her. we experiment with the camera a bit, need to let her get used to the camera. took a few photos.. i swear i look damn comical and ugly in those candid shots lor!!! bleahh!

but...seriously! 1 week chiong 3 times will shorten my life span man! but today was not a bad clubbing experience.. he said he was too tired to go, but he still went out.. i think with his frens.. well... *shrugs* what can i say?

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