Chloe's Alter Ego

Thursday, September 04, 2003

a normal school day. been trying not to smoke. my classmate offer me cigarettes, one during our break time and once after class. tell them i wanna quit, yet they still ask me smoke. tsk tsk tsk! hahaha! bought nachos from 7-11 during break time. the cheese is super shiok sial! eat nachos and watch the 2nd half of Ju-On in class. Then Julian talk and talk and talk all the way until 12.45pm, and he has yet to realise that the class was supposed to end at 12.30pm. Then my mom called and say our house there was raining heavily. Supposed to meet them at Katong to see ktv system. She say wait until rain stop, and I end up meeting my parents at about 2pm.

Oh my goddd... the system I wanted cost about 2 grand. My mom kept giggling.. my dad, as usual, kept quiet, and look around. Can see he very tempted to buy ah... But its quite ex loh. But its BMB leh.. Pro speakers.. pro amplifier.. pro mic. But the mic is not cordless one. I wanted a pair of cordless mic, but when the man told me the price, I changed my mind. haha! Its 300 bucks for a pair. BLEAH!!! Oh yeah, the system does not include the player, but I could get a DVD player at 99 bucks. But I already got a 3-disc changing VCD player at home liao. But got DVD player also good, can buy DVD from Malaysia and watch. :P Oh yeah, and I saw the ktv vcds.. they cost like 19.90 for 1.. exactly same price as Malaysia (which means not including the exchange rate). So I could like buy 2 in Malaysia at the price of buying 1 in Spore. Ok, if my dad really buy that system for me, I'll go back Malaysia and start my collection of ktv vcd. mwahhahahaha!

I think my parents very gian the system also.. but they say wanna go elsewhere see got cheaper a not. But I think BMB products are more or less saturated. All the prices are the same. Maybe we going SLS and SLT this weekend to check out the prices. Weeeee!

After visiting the showroom, my mom brought me to this cosmetic shop which sell real cheap cosmetics and shampoo and stuff. I bought a perfume at 10 bucks. Its UCB Hot, the one that looks like a tap. Smells nice too! Bought a few other stuff, then we went to eat Katong LAKSA!! Yeah! So long never eat spicy food liao. Then we walked to the library and I borrowed a few books on cooking. I've been making my own frappacino at home. I bought Hershey's chocolate syrup the other day, and I blend it with coffee which my mom made, and some ice and put it in the mixer and *ta-dahhh!* my very own mocha frappacino. fuck those coffee joints! *ROFL*

Hmm, the Elizabeth Arden Hydra-Gentle Cream Cleanser rawks! Cleans up the skin, and leaves it smooth and silky! No wonder it cost 40 bucks for 1 small tube. and no wonder they say women's money is the easiest to earn.

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