Chloe's Alter Ego

Monday, September 08, 2003

I'm just purely happy today. Been a long time since I felt this way. hehe. School was fun today. We kept teasing Yen about CPU and fishes. We told her now the casing can be modified and put fish inside, she don't believe. From then, Julian kept mentioning fish and PC in class. Poor Yen! Me and Shelby just kept giggling away.

Then I went to meet my parents after school. The guy managed to persuade my dad to buy the Martin Roland set. My dad kept bargaining. End up he paid 1k instead of 1.1k for the system. Damn pro! The guy at first said he will change the corded mic to cordless mic for us if we're getting the system at 1.1k, but I realised that u need battery to operate the cordless mic, so its kinda troublesome. Later sing halfway no battery, must go change. Damn spoiler. So I say take back normal mic better, then my dad managed to get a lower price. hehe. I happy, my parents happy, the salesperson also happy. :P Tomorrow, at this time, I'll be happily singing away at home. Weeee~ Cindy already made booking to come over to sing liao.. fast right? haha!

Then I came home, talked to him. Hmm.. lemme count how many days have it been since we first started talking.. Wednesday.. 3rd September.. :P he's in school having his exam now.. kekeke. *fa hua chi*

Ok better stop crapping liao.. later u all think I've gone crazy or something. :D~

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