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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Tiring day. My schedule for today. 8am wake up and prepare for sch. 9.20am reach class. 12.15pm finish class. 12.40pm met Annie for lunch. 2pm went back for another class. 5.15pm finish class. 5.45pm reach Bugis, walk around, drag time. 6.30 at Bugis MRT going towards Tampines. 6.35pm inside Bugis MRT waiting for train, received a call to inform me that movie outing was cancelled. 7.05pm reach Tampines. 8pm leave Tampines for Sims Drive to pick Cindy up then go back to Bugis.

How was my day? "PERFECT!" I practically toured around Bugis and Tampines area. End up at CM2 watching WwF training, which turns out to be quite entertaining. But before that, while on the cab from Sims Drive to Bugis, me and Cindy were happily entertaining ourselves, with of course the misery of a poor guy sitting in between us. hahaha! Had my lunch and dinner outside. What else could I eat besides chicken..and more chicken? My diet now mainly consist of rice.. and chicken.. and veggies. Hope my body can adjust back to normal so that I wouldn't need to go thru this torture again. Seen a skin specialist in Malaysia which cost my parents 250 bucks. Luckily it was in ringgit, but still.. thats like 125 bucks in Spore? The doctor say I had too much protein.. and hence led to some skin allergy... sounds like crap to me. So now I'm not suppose to eat 1. EGG! 2. BEEF! 3. Sour + Spicy stuff! 4.DUCK! The first 2 is enough for me to end my life... haha! a bit "kua zhang" but I just love beef.. and egg.. :~( No sour + spicy stuff means no curry and tomyam for me, and also there goes my roast duck rice..

Anyway, suppose to go Katong play billard with some of the WwF pple, but I was too tired to move my hands, not to mention holding the cue and knocking some balls around the table. Z.Z.Z. too tired to do anything. Now my classes are like.. 9 to 12.30 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. 9 to 5.30 for Wednesday and Friday. There goes my life! But at least, I had something to concentrate on. No more competitive cs for me after WCG and IMM compy. Sick of the pple. Sick of the politics. Sick of the backstabbings going around. Sick of pple who are pro "pang-seh kias". *ROFL*

Time for a relaxing bath, and a good night sleep. Ciaos

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